Saturday, September 16, 2006

God can see the bigger picture

The angels have often told me that we are loved by God, no matter what. I'll never forget a time I was flaming mad at one of my angels for guiding me into a tough lesson. I was so peeved I got a reading with Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, because I knew I was too biased to hear the voices inside my head with clarity. God bless him indeed, he started the reading off with, "My dear we love you so very much. You are absolutely beautiful when you're mad and shooting off sparks and you can yell at us the entire hour if you like." I melted of course under the light of that truth. Who could stay angry in the face of love?

I've asked the angels how they handle us when we're stubborn, primarily because I was learning how to deal with people in my own life that were stubborn. I loved their answer.

"We first guide people by igniting their passion for good in their lives, guiding them towards their dreams by placing longings within their hearts, and offering easy and joyful guidance. We assure you, you won't miss our guidance or the stirrings in your hearts, if you take even the smallest time in silence each day, but you can ignore the very same. "

"If people refuse to listen to their hearts and guidance, we help them set themselves up for external challenging lessons that force them to take a step back, take inventory of their priorities, and get back in touch with their hearts."

"All else failing, we back off and allow the more stubborn souls who refuse to receive our love to learn their lessons all by themselves, the hard way, until they are willing to trust God to help them, to surrender to life, and to realize that they are not going to manipulate life according to their designs. This is not cruelty but kindness," the angels said. "God wants to help you create more than you'd ask for yourself, but in ways that serve your soul's path and the greater good. God can see the bigger picture whereas you cannot always do so."

They told me that a parent does the same thing - teaches a child with kindness first, with firmness if that fails, and then if all else fails, allows a child to learn the hard way. Of course they prefer to guide us with love.

So I have found in my life that if someone is not kind, I try to be loving and open first. That failing, I set a healthy boundary. And if all else fails, I back off. It has freed up my emotional energy to allow me to focus on helping a lot of people rather than agonizing over a few. There is no guilt required for being healthy :)