Saturday, August 12, 2006

Patience is practical

As always this channeling hits home with me! I've been in a huge lesson in patience this year. Every time I create anything I have to wait! I am learning to trust in God's timing impeccably. This week I had a mundane but fun example. I have been saving up for a larger display for my computer. I often have six or seven windows open at a time when I'm working on website, graphics, email, meditations, my calendar, etc. and it is cumbersome to constantly switch between them. I saw the display of my dreams four months ago and intended to own it some day when the time was right. It was totally out of my price range.

Well last week I got the urge to clean off my desk and make room for the display. Not knowing why on earth I was doing that but trusting that the urge meant something was about to happen, I weeded out the stuff in my desk, raised up a shelf to make room and waited. I thought about buying the display and even though I knew I could put it on a charge card, decided to be patient. Something just made me feel like waiting. So two days later when I got the urge to check the website where it was on sale, imagine my surprise to find out it went down 1/5 in price AND there was a reconditioned on available at an even greater discount!! Now it was time to use the charge, which is something I rarely do, but I saved so much it was worth both the wait and the credit.

Even the mundane material manifestations will warrant God's attention. God cares about everything WE care about and much more for us. I am learning that good things do indeed come to those who wait for GOD to tell us when to take action. How will you know when to take action? You'll want to with everything in you! Not a bad thing to learn for an ex "Queen of Impatience - Aries!!" Try having a little patience this week and see what shows up :) You will be pleasantly surprised I bet!