Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don't delay your happiness!

My guides told me a long time ago, that "eternity was a long time and I better learn to enjoy the moment!" I've tried best as I can to embrace that philosophy and when I do live in the moment, honoring my heart's rhythms, life flows easily and magically. When I forget and put pressure on myself, life goes nuts. A month ago I was writing as if the words were water pouring out of a faucet. It just flowed. Then suddenly I tired of writing and I could not make myself get the words on paper. I gave up! I figured if the "Aura Hygiene" book has to wait so be it; it would be terribly hypocritical for me to mess up MY own energy to write a book about maintaining YOURs :)! The angels reminded me of that fine point.

We all have some goal we want to reach at some point in our lives. Whether it be cleaning out a room, writing a book, finishing up a nasty divorce, making a move, getting a new job, having a baby or what have you there are always times when we feel we won't feel settled or happiest until something in the future happens. And yet, life keeps happening in each moment.

"WHY PUT OFF YOUR HAPPINESS TILL YOU REACH YOUR GOALS, ANN?" the angels once asked me. Great question. I challenge myself to remember that. So this weekend when I put time aside to write, I was surprised when all I wanted to do was rest and clean out my house. I have needed to declutter again for some time and to reorganize a few things and all of the sudden it sounded really fun. I spent an entire weekend doing mundane puttering around the house and to my great surprise the desire to write has returned, my energy feels great, and I'm upbeat again.

It sometimes seems that our pursuits aren't so spiritual and may not even relate to a goal, and yet I've found that if you listen to what you truly want to do in the moment, leave the future to God and just make a choice to do what makes you happiest, then all falls into right order and you reach your goals faster.

Go easy on yourself this week and do something you WANT to do rather than something you should (of course there are a few HAVE TOs that aren't negotiable, but there are many shoulds that are!) and see what happens.