Friday, July 07, 2006

Tubing & Surrender to God

I was badly in need of play last weekend. I took a day to myself and meditated, cleaned house and did some rather meanless but fun creative tasks. Then I invited Jim down and we went "tubing" on the Salt River

Tubing is loads of fun. You rent an inner tube or two or three (one for the cooler, I AM part Polish after all and eating is a high priority even on water!), and tie them all together then surrender to the current. The flow was swift this year and the river was clean. We had to surrender much of the time because paddling was too much work. What a JOY it was too, to surrender. It was so awesome to relax in the arms of the river and let something carry ME for once, without a worry about where we'd go or how we'd get there, except for the occasional control-freak moments where I hung on tight through the little rapids!

Life is like that. When we surrender to the flow of God's love it brings us unexpected pleasures. We saw a blue heron standing on the banks, some wild horses, and a lot of beautiful scenery. The trip reminded me to honor the wisdom in my own book -- to surrender to my heart moment after moment, and in so doing, to remember that God is in charge, and all is always love :)