Saturday, July 22, 2006

Let Mother Earth Love You

First of all thank you for all the love and prayers last week. I trust deeply that they will help the healing of many hurting souls, and offer comfort and protection to the dear woman I asked you to pray for.

Today's message wasn't what I expected. I thought the angels would comment on the war in the middle east or one of many other important topics, and yet what is more important to us as human beings than feeling safe, healthy, and secure in life? Whether the security you seek is physical security, financial, or just the comfort of knowing that God hears your prayers we all need it. The angels once said that security does not come from the outer world, but rather from embracing the fact that we are part of God and just as the body knows the needs of each cell, God too knows the needs of each person here. When we pray, our prayers are heard. The angels once told me not to sabotage my prayers with doubt. So true. They called me on that one! We have to have deep faith that in the right time and in the right way the prayers will be heard.

Many a time in my life when I was ill at ease, it was the earth that healed me. I was married in my young twenties. I can safely say that neither myself nor my former husband truly knew who we were at the time. After nine years passed and I discovered my intuitive calling, my former husband and I realized we were on separate paths and parted peacefully. Nonetheless, I was very religious at the time and felt torn between what I knew was a God-given calling and what I'd been told all my life was the greatest 'failure' a person could create, namely divorce. I was also terrified. I had lived a sheltered life, gone to college, gotten married, and then lived with my husband. I had never been truly on my own as an adult. I felt as if the floor had dropped out from under me and I was physically and financially scared.

The earth healed me. I drove north every weekend for many months to be out in nature - to hike, sit on sunny rocks, dip my feet in the creek and reconnect with a world that existed outside my head and in the physical reality. The earth gave me strength. Her mountains taught me stability. The trees taught me to bend without breaking. The water taught me to flow and let go. I talked, listened, and learned from every facet of the natural universe from the mountains to the tiny bugs.

Earth is alive. At times in your life when you need inspiration, go outdoors and watch the sky and notice how big it is relative to the small problems we see as huge in the moment. It is eternal. The same moon that shines on you shines on those on the other side of the world. The air we breathe is shared. The waters we drink ultimately circulate through all of creation.

When you need security, lay upon the earth and feel the embrace, as the angels say. There is something phenomenally comforting about sitting on a large rock and feeilng its strength beneath you. Merge with it and you too will feel strong. Need more flexibility? Lean on a tree and ask it to teach you. Do you need to learn how to go with the flow? Watch a stream moving over the rocks. Earth is a healer. See if you can create a little time, no matter how short, to go outside and enjoy the benefits!