Saturday, July 01, 2006

Be Honest with Yourself

I loved the angels message. I've been in a study the past several years of my life of relationships. In my past I tried to please everyone. I tried to be fairy godmother, healer, savior, martyr, fixer, parent, whatever the person needed. I had managed to create healthy boundaries with my work but with the personal friends and past boyfriends, I morphed into whatever they needed me to be. I forgot myself and my own dreams entirely. When I asked the angels in 2002 if it was time to start writing, they told me it had been time two years prior!

So if you can imagine when I made up the class "Aura Hygiene" I thought I would be simply talking about a few psychic tricks and tips. Instead I realized that we can't truly maintain our own energy unless we are honest with ourselves and others. If we constantly give in to what someone else wants, we spill out our energy with little return! If we constantly try to take on another's pain we become overburdened.

I started writing about this three weeks ago and 75 pages have poured out of me. The "River" is flowing. I have surrendered to my own heart and can at long last write. While I was writing I realized I let the housecleaning go, the emails waited, the phone was off, and I became virtually inaccessible. I stayed up too late but had energy, and got up early and felt excited. Its funny how when your relationship with yourself is honest, everything works in your life. And somehow the emails got answered, the chores done, and calls recorded in record time when I was tired of writing.

So this week, relate honestly with yourself . Do something you want to do but have been putting off. Be honest with others. Watch your energy increase and your dreams start to come true :)