Friday, May 05, 2006

Love is Practical!

I've been really practicing the angel's message up above. I have had one sore spot when it comes to loving in the past and that is loving people who drive rudely and aggressively, cutting me off in traffic, and sending angry energy my way. I drive on the freeway to Sedona quite often and it is a taxing ride when someone tailgates me at 75mph.

However, I prayed for help in being more loving. Wouldn't you know it, the day after I prayed, Dr. Peebles (the angel channeled by Summer Bacon) had a lesson on being more loving!! He suggested specifically that you send love even to the "rude, aggressive drivers on the road." I was floored, but not surprised. Heaven is always listening to our prayers. He suggested we send thoughts such as, "I acknowledge you are driving rudely and aggressively but I choose to send you love anyway because that is my truth." He said we'd be surprised by the results. I did that, and sure enough the rude drivers started going around me, slowing down, letting ME pass, and all manner of courtesies I had heretofore not experienced.

Love is practical :) Give it a try next time someone annoys you!


I'm enrolled in the the Summer Bacon Institute as my ongoing course of online study. Summer channels the angel Dr. James Martin Peebles. For three weeks of each month, four days a week you get 15 minute audio clips channeled from Dr. Peebles with education, exercises, & meditations. The fourth week Summer lectures regarding her understanding of the material. There are also teleconferences with spirit channeled through her, chats, and more. I love it :) Dr. Peebles has been my mentor in spirit since 2000 and although his teachings are straightforward, putting them into practice is mastery. I love the homework - simple but it really works :)