Thursday, May 18, 2006

Earth Needs our Love

It is indeed an amazing time to be alive. I've been clearing emotions left and right. They wash up out of the blue and move through just as quickly. I just allow for it without analysis. I let the River of God's love flow through me carrying away what it will. And as a result I am blessed by joy. The last few weeks I've been lucky to be playing with fairies again. For those of you not familiar with them, they are like tiny angels that tend to our natural universe - the plants, animals, our bodies, etc. I've been lucky enough to see a few and they're adorable, mischievous, playful and creative.

One by-product of working with fairies is that you start to become much more aware of how your actions affect the environment. Jim and I went to a home and garden show a few weeks ago and after just talking about how we wanted to eliminate the harsher cleaning chemicals from our lives, we met up with two wonderful solutions. One company was selling those little micro-fiber mops and rags that let you clean with water and white vinegar easily, with no harsh cleaners. They save me from using up paper towels, which saves on trees too.

The next two women we met work for Shaklee that started out as a vitamin company but now sells environmentally friendly cleansers as well that don't pollute our environment. They look more expensive but because they're concentrates (to save on packaging waste) they really aren't. I was amazed at how quickly the little fairies helped me connect with people to help make my environment greener.

The earth is in need of our love. I know we can't all go completely green. I don't have $30K to sink into solar panels now or the money to pay for a hydrogen powered car, and yet in small ways I am using up my old cleansers and going to steam, water, and vinegar, and environmentally friendly products. I feel the fairies thanking me and the earth breathing a sigh of relief that one more person is going to stop polluting her waters with toxic waste.

This week, think of the earth as a "mother" figure. She supports us, gives us all that we need, and asks little in return. Maybe you can switch just one habit to make your life more environmentally friendly, whether that be switching to natural cleaners, composting garbage, etc. I know we can't all immediately change our entire lifestyles, but a lot of little changes will make a big differences. Give it a try and feel the gratitude of the elementals :) I've been blessed with more joy as a result. You will be too!