Saturday, April 01, 2006

Understand your own heart

The energy that came through when I channeled this week's angel message nearly overwhelmed me. It was hard to type. I always have a little fear publishing articles about Christ consciousness because so many of my friends are Jewish and these discussions are not about religion, separation, persecution or even pushing beliefs. I FEEL the love coming through with these messages and LOVE is the only message they send to us all.

I often wonder if a child was born today to a humble contractor, and this child grew up and preached about LOVE being the only way to God, owned the fact that he was a son of God and said we were too - would anyone recognize this as the Christ energy? If we embrace love in stead of the division, judgment, hatred, and separation that the world seems to promote, will the world recognize our goodness? Some will and some won't.

The angels have been working with me diligently to be strong enough to go more public with these messages. I had a huge cry with a good Christian friend of mine a few weeks ago because I discovered I was afraid she wouldn't accept me as part of her life as I went more public with my beliefs that aren't always in synch with hers. I've received more emails as of late from good religious people trying to inform me that I am "deceived by Satan dear lady" and that surely I had never read the Bible. Although my human side felt like responding, "I've read the Bible, Cabbala, Koran, and Book of Bhudda, the Bagavad Vita, and more," I prayed over what to do and refrained from any response as a result. When I chat with Jesus, angels, Bhudda, Archangel Michael and more deceased relatives than I can count, the message is always the same:

- Be loving even when others are not.

- Recognize others' rights to their point of view as well as your right to your own.

- Don't argue. Listen. Understand. Ackowledge.
This does not negate our own point of view.

- Share from your heart. If people accept you, great. If the don't pray for ones who will.

Embracing this - that there is no need to defend, or justify my personal beliefs in religion, life, or simply perspective has freed up tremendous energy in my life. All of the sudden I am feeling bliss again. I've had the energy to start a major website upgrade, finish the first draft of another book, start a different one, clean out my house, make time for dating, friendships, family, tai chi, clients, emails, and energy sessions. When you give up trying to please the world and you give up the need to judge the world, a power within - the power of God's LOVE - is unleashed in your life and freed up to help you create your own dreams.

Free your spirit this week :) Try to give up any need to justify or defend yourself and see how much more energy you have when you simply choose to understand your own heart rather than trying to make everyone else 'get' you.

Lots of love,