Friday, April 21, 2006

Times of Strengthening

This boggles my mind. I sat here for the last hour waiting to channel the angel message. It usually pours out but tonight it was not so I finally asked the crew upstairs what they had in mind. They suggested I stop struggling, open up my archives, shut my eyes, and scroll down to an old message 'at random.' The one above was the one I ended up 'randomly' selecting. I am in a lesson of releasing struggle and this message spoke to me directly.

After I got the joyous news that I'll be speaking at the Celebrate Your Life conference in November, I got slammed with a barrage of negative thoughts that just floored me. I have been practicing awareness for so long now that I know the difference between my own thoughts (I believe them) vs. thoughts introduced by energies that try to counteract our joy (I don't believe them for more than a few seconds). I went through three hours non-stop saying, "No, you are not my truth" to these thoughts and finally collapsed in tears from sheer exhaustion. Jesus had his 40 days in the desert facing demons. I believe we have these brief excursions as well.

These are not tests, so much as times of strengthening. If we are going to stand in greater light we are more powerful. Our thoughts create situations more quickly, and it becomes more important to choose thoughts that uplift, inspire, and support our dreams. Part of learning to do that is, at times, being tempted to fall into 'negative' thinking.

If this ever happens to you, focus on what is good in your life. Focus on what is working. Focus on giving to others because love dispels the dark. Focus on humor, laughter, and joy. Focus on what is exciting and refuse to give power to these doubts. They will soon disappear. We all have our days in the 'desert' but the good news is, that is where we find a stronger and brighter light.