Saturday, April 08, 2006

The "Divine Timing" Belt

I am in the middle of a huge lesson on trusting in God's goodness when things seem to "go wrong." My car went into the shop for some significantly expensive repairs this week. I felt ok with that. The angels had told me in February that the car would need this attention in April and God somehow always pays my bills so I don't get uptight about those things.

However when I drove the car off the lot on Wednesday a nasty clunking sound in the back terrified me. I went right back to the shop somewhat irritated because I knew I'd be late for an appointment later that morning. Nonetheless, I soon found out that this was a blessing in disguise. Apparently the mechanic had noticed another problem with my car, and left a message for the service advisor to call me. She (the mechanic) hadn't known that the advisor had called in sick. If I hadn't gone back with my clunking noise, the mechanic wouldn't have been able to tell me that my timing belt was about to break, and suggest that I get it fixed right away.

My irritation turned into gratitude that God had conspired to have my car's troubles fixed in the shop rather than having me break down on a long stretch of road when I was alone. I was late for my appointment but with no ill effects and once again the angels remind me that if I just pray and surrender to life, that God's timing will prove to be better than mine time and again.

I bless my divine timing belt and feel grateful for the "inconvenience" that saved me from much bigger troubles!