Friday, March 24, 2006

Come clean - ask for what you really want!

Hi All,

First of all thank you so much for the outpouring of love on my birthday. Words can't express how beautiful the energy of all your prayers felt. I really understood on Tuesday how our collective prayers DO indeed make a huge difference. I felt the love as a beautiful warmth that permeated me, body & soul.

The email I sent our requesting prayers was actually the result of a botched opportunity for love! Once a month I go up to see a friend of mine channel Dr. Peebles, a wonderful spirit who has been my guide and mentor from the other side for the last six years. Not everyone gets called upon for a question and it has been a long time since my name was chosen. In my mind I telepathically begged him to pick me and just send me some big love for my birthday. I got chosen! Before I could get a word out of my mouth, my dear angel friend said to me, "Now Come CLEAN Ann!" Come Clean? I panic'd! I didn't have a clue what he meant. I thought about what was going on in my life. I searched in my mind for what he wanted me to share with the crowd and chose something that seemed appropriate. I could FEEL the angels sighing on the other side as if to say, "OH ANN, It wasn't that hard." I left feeling frustrated knowing I'd missed a chance for something wonderful.

It wasn't till later that day in meditation that I realized how SIMPLE it was! I was supposed to simply admit in front of 100+ people that I'd been begging the angels for love!! That was it. And knowing the angels, they would have given me the royal treatment had I asked for it! I was SO bummed that I missed that chance.

"Ann," they said in meditation. "Your life begins anew with every breath."
" There are always more opportunities to ask the world for love. Ask your clients to pray for you."

And so out went my letter on Tuesday and in came your dear prayers. I can't thank you enough! It seems it is so easy to give but much harder for so many of us to ask when we want even the smallest favors. And so the angels ask all of us this year (me included!) to "come clean" and share our hearts with one another. Share your fears, your desires, your love, you compliments, your agonies, your frustrations... all in a loving way. Its amazing how much love comes back to you when you "come clean". I'm learning to go deeper and bring more of me to the surface. I hope my journey helps inspire you to do the same :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Let your light shine!

I have an underlying sense of urgency to get on with my work in the world. When I tuned into the energy of the year in January, what I heard in my head was "no nonsense, no excuses, no lies to yourself." It is the year we get real about what we want to create and who we really are. It is the year we come out of hiding, use our gifts and talents and step out with the truth of God's love into the world.

That sounds great, but oh my word, the fears coming up are HUGE. I didn't realize that till Monday. I was all proud of how my website updates were going till the angels spoke to me again. "And where my dear, is the Ann, in Ann's Visions of Heaven?" they asked me. "I put my picture on the first page," I replied, "as uncomfortable as it is." "Put one at the top," they said. "And take a good photo." I had friends who had offered to take photos but we hadn't scheduled it yet. "Today," the angels urged me. "Now." "Uh, now is Monday, my office work day and I haven't even washed my hair!" I complained. The response was a loving version of get out and get over it. Oh boy. Off I go into the yard to lean against my new lilac wall and take pictures of myself. Try holding the camera out in front of you and looking relaxed. "Think of how much you love God and the angels," they told me. Click. I got a good picture.

I went inside and wanted to put a sassier looking photo up. "Well you can keep hiding behind that look," they replied, but we'd rather you show the world, the kinder, truer you. They busted me again. So in spite of serious discomfort with having my face on the web, serious discomfort about looking vulnerable, and serious discomfort with being so exposed emotionally I did it. And the funny thing... I saw a side of myself I hadn't owned before - the softer side.

Angels are amazing. They turn everything to growth. But I know they are right and it applies to many of us. We can't hide our light anymore. As Marianne Williamson quoted, playing small does not serve the greater glory of God. How true.

Let your light shine!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Letting Go. . .

The angels constantly remind me to trust that God hears our prayers. God does. Every one of them. Last weekend I was learning about blogs so I could post these angel messages and my online journal in an area on my website without major hassle. I knew blogs were good. I knew the basics.I didn't have a clue how to make the blog look good on my website. I followed all the instructions until I reached an impasse with the computer and decided to stop struggling and pray. I sat in my meditation chair, prayed, and let it go. I watched a few educational TV shows, worked on some knitting, went to sleep and trusted. Sure enough I woke up the next morning with a clear technical answer to my problem! I just typed in a few things wrong and as soon as I fixed them ... ta da... angel messages were online and looking good.

I use the same approach when I'm stuck with the "big" problems in life - house repairs that cost more than I can "afford" at the time they happen, needing a conference room for my first Celebration of World Angel Day, when to do my car maintenance, asking to stay safe in traffic, resolving issues with people I love... you name it! I pray. I do what I know to do. Then I let it go and let God take over, and wait for further insight or direction (meaning I get an urge to do or say something). Life is so much easier when I release my expectations. I'm by no means perfect at this, but every time I let go, I grow more joyfully.