Saturday, December 30, 2006

True Security

I am on vacation so this message is "pre-recorded!" So if I don't answer your emails till the second week in January, please don't panic.

I feel as if I have created a bit of heaven towards the end of this year. I have worked VERY hard on myself each and every day to be true to my own heart. I've dived into the darker moods and explored them to find the love beneath. I've learned to love and honor myself. And I've been blessed by the very same coming back to me in so many ways. I feel priviledged to do what I love and share God's love with the world. I feel honored to join you on your path. I feel blessed by the abundance of living in the flow of God's love and trusting that my needs will be taken care of at all times. Who could ask for more than this peace of mind.

It occurs to me that we seek security in so many ways, but the true security is knowing we are loved, taken care of by God, and held in high esteem by the heavens. And this applies to all of us, no matter who we are and what we do.

Spiritual growth has been intense in 2006 and yet, while it is difficult to always find the love inside of you no matter what, to honor your truth no matter what, and to be responsible for life by choosing your thoughts wisely, the rewards are well worth the effort. I'm not perfect by any means, but I am dedicated and I know all of you on this list are too! We support one another even if we've never met.

This New Year's Eve, I plan to celebrate a year of good growth and a new year that I anticipate will indeed be filled with the 'magic' that comes from expecting the best no matter what the circumstances present.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pray with innocence

The angels message made me think of how little children share their hopes and dreams with Santa Claus this time of year. When I was a child I was allowed to ask Santa for three toys. I spent SO much time pouring over the catalogs, making sure that I got the three best toys on my list. And Santa rarely failed to make them for me!

Years later I realize that it is this same innocence with which we must pray. Like children we ask for what we want and need, and we send the prayers off to someone we can't see, and trust.

So own whatever you want in life, the way a child owns his or her wish for a Christmas toy, send your list off to God, and see what shows up for you in the way of His Holy Presence and... Presents.

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, and Joy to you no matter what you celebrate!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Matrix Energetics and magical realities

I didn't realize last week that when I honored my guidance to go to a workshop in San Francisco at the last minute that I'd be immersing myself in a reality I have always believed in and wanted SO badly to create in my life! The seminar was on "matrix energetics" - a paradigm in 'healing' in which you don't heal anyone but rather help them SHIFT into a whole and healed state of reality. Dr. Richard Bartlett the presenter, used me as a guinea pig several times and just by cracking jokes, and working with what he calls 'the quantum wave' barely touched me and I fell backward and my entire neck and jaw readjusted and has stayed in perfect alignment ever since. Another time he simply joked a bit, moved his hands 4 feet away from me, in mid air, and my entire hips readjusted and stayed in place!! Now that's REAL FUN!

The seminar reminded me of what I know to be true but haven't applied to healing - you intend something, see it already achieved, and show up and do what you are guided to do, then LET GO of attachment. I manifest things in my life this way. He "heals" people using the same principles. I was in awe. One lady got rid of her cane. I watched numerous individuals lose pain and kinks that were long standing, and it all occurred without the MIND involved!

He is thinking about coming to Sedona in April for a workshop, so let's intend if you're interested! Check out the site at:
And a BIG thank you to my friend, the pet psychic, Marla Steele who got me into this.

Regarding the angel's message this week - I was a child at this workshop. I laughed, giggled, and played, and opened myself up to the possibility that this was possible for all of us. IT worked! And I got home at midnight Monday, worked the week, baked over 100 dozen Christmas cookies and did Christmas preparations, all with a sense of wonder, as in I wonder HOW on earth this will all get done, but I'm going to show up and enjoy it! I DID! Funny what can be achieve when the heart stays open and the mind is given a little vacation!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Intending in the moment

As of late I've really been learning a few lessons quite intensely. One is to slow down and be present to my own heart and body in each moment. In that space, I've been tasked to watch my thoughts diligently and make sure I am aiming them towards what I want to create in any given moment.

When you hold an intention to have something in your life, it need not take you out of the present. That confused me for years. If I'm creating the future, how on earth can I be in the present. Well, I figured it out with the help of my friends up above...

When you intend something you want in the future, you are simply acknowledging what is truly in your heart NOW, in this moment :)

I have been intending a joyous holiday season rich with experience, even with all I have to do! I'm making homemade gifts for friends, working on two books, seeing clients, and all the usual baking and mailing cookies, etc... I had only one free weekend coming up between now and Christmas so if you can imagine when my friend Marla wrote to see if I was interested in being crazy and attending a healing seminar in San Francisco this weekend my mind said, "No way. Sounds fun, but I can't swing it."

I woke up in the middle of the following night with the LOUD guidance to go. After all, I've been intending blissful well being and the ability to share this with others. I've been intending a season rich with experience and friendship. I've been intending a little newness in my life. And here it was handed on a silver platter. My parents even sent me a Christmas check which covers the cost. THAT was a total surprise! So I listened to that crazy, insane, urge inside of me at 3am, booked flight, booked a hotel room, and registered for the seminar. I had to reschedule a few clients (God Bless Them) and miraculously it worked out that I could get them in sooner, due to other cancellations.

I am constantly amazed at how God works when we REALLY own the urges in our own heart. I haven't been obsessed with the future, but when something I want pops into my thoughts or feelings, I take time and acknowledge it. I say a simple statement with all the power of my being, "I INTEND AND CREATE whatever... I ASK GOD TO REMOVE ANY OBSTACLES IN MY OWN HEART... I INTEND THAT ALL GUIDANCE BE SO CLEAR I CAN'T MISS IT." Try it, it works!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The connectedness of all life

I am writing this before the Thanksgiving holiday so I can take a much-needed breather with dear friends. I spent a great deal of time this weekend cleaning house, doing chores, putting up decorations, and cooking dishes for my Thanksgiving dinner with friends. As I chopped a variety of fruits and veggies, I realized that even the most mundane tasks can be a cause to give thanks to so many.

Someone tilled the soil that grew my veggies. Someone planted them, fertilized them, harvestd them, boxed them, and shipped them to the grocery store. Someone unboxed them and put them out for display. The check out clerk helped me pay for them, and the bagger bagged them.

Someone grew the bamboo that makes up my cutting board. Someone harvested it and factory workers turned it into my chopping board.

Someone cut the wood that makes the handle in my knife. Someone else mined the metals, melted and molded them and sharpened the blade. Shippers shipped them and so on and so forth.

People from around the world joined me in that moment of chopping vegetables and I gave thanks for the hundreds of people doing simple jobs who contributed to this moment in my life. I give thanks for the opportunity to share the fruits of their labors with others in my life.

So next time you pick up a toothbrush, get in your car, or wander through the grocery store, think to yourself how interconnected we truly are, and how many people worked to give you that one moment in time. Think of how your tasks, no matter how simple they may seem, contribute to the world as well.

You may never meet the people you help through your work or your words, and yet you too have an impact. No job is too small. No kind word is ever lost in the universe.

I give thanks for all of you. I have not met you all, and some of you I may never know but I feel you. I feel your hearts. I know we are on this journey in the school called earth together and I give thanks for your companionship as we live, grow, and learn.

God bless you all, please pray for peace and ask that the world realize God's great love.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Celebrate Your Life Conference

So many of you have asked how my first huge conference went so I thought I'd share not only the experience but also the lessons. All weekend I had chances to feel very small among giants, and at the same time, these were opportunities to own who I am and to embrace what I know are the gifts God wants me to offer the world. It was hard not to feel like a small fish in a big pond but I managed :) When I attended the author's dinner on Saturday night, I felt like a kid who had just moved to a new school where everyone knew everyone but me! I had to stretch a bit, extend myself, and not hide out, even though I was feeling unusually shy. I was richly blessed as a result. I can honesly say each of the authors I met not only embodied all they preach, but were extremely kind.

I had a few minutes to chat with Wayne Dyer and he was very supportive and encouraging. Marianne Williamson was adorable, humble, and beautiful inside and out. Greg Braaden is very friendly and extremely intelligent. Dr. Joe Dispenza from "What the Bleep" was fascinating as he shared the latest research on how our nerves fire together and wire together when we think the same thoughts over and over again. Alberto Villalodo, the peruvian shaman, was a humble man with gentle and yet powerful energy. Dannion Brinkley and his wife were a hoot. "What do you do," he asked me. "I talk to angels and dead people and teach mystical wisdom," I answered. He looks at me point blank. "Is there a difference?" He can put you on the spot. "We both know that we're all part of one," I answered, "but we use labels because we're talking to human beings." He grinned. I passed that test :)! James Van Praagh ducked into a room where I was being interviewed, and complimented me on the interview, then apparently quoted me in his next workshop. He was very sweet. And Pat Rodegast, who channels a spirit named Emmanuel, radiated a joyful energy. I really liked her a lot too.

The women who made the deepest and most long lasting impression on me were Immaculle Ilibagiza and her friend Rose. Immaculee is from Rwanda. During the genocide in 1994 she and 7 other women hid in a 3x4' restroom for 91 days while most of their families and countrymen were brutally murdered. Immaculee turned to God. She has vivid dreams and visions of Jesus who told her that her family would be dead when she got out but that God had plans for her. When she was a cross of white light over the door she knew they would be spared. She did live to tell, and wrote about it in her book, "Left to Tell" which is a testament to the power of God and surrender in the midst of the most unthinkable horror. Most remarkable of all, she sought out and forgave the man who killed her family. I sat in her presence and felt like people must have felt way back when they sat next to Jesus. She embodies the Christ consciousness, the divine love that we all are and aspire to be, and she is humble, sweet, grateful for everything, and a beacon of light. She brought me to tears. I live to teach what she has already learned. She is a beacon of hope in a world that loves to hate. Visit her site:

My seminar, by God's grace, was in the same room, right after hers. I enjoyed whatever I said although honestly I don't remember much of it. I goofed, let people out early and then had to call them back. The angels in my head turned it all into a lesson that its ok to be human... after all I HAD prayed to surrender to whatever God wanted to teach.

I came home and trembled with the fears that come up when you know your life is about to change in a big way and you're not in control. I prayed a lot for God to give me the strength to be in the public eye. Those who are, are called to live with impeccable integrity, and a strength that has to come from spirit since they give so much. I gave my life to God once again and wait with wonder to see how it all unfolds.

So if you ever feel small, remember you're a divine being and have gifts no matter what. You are all the world wants from you. I may never be a 'polished and professional' type speaker, but I am simply me, and being myself allows others to be who they are. Trust God made you exactly the way He wanted you to be.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

You never know where light will lead you

I know so many of you write in to say how the messages resonate with you. This week, the angel message hits home with me. I've known for years that I have a path to be in public sharing the truth of God's love with the masses. I've even had a vision of standing in front of world leaders when I'm older pounding the podium and proclaiming loudly why we are here on this earth and what complete and utter nonsense these power struggles and games really are.

I didn't consciously ask to do these things; they are simply in my heart as part of my path, like a quiet knowing. Exposure comes with great responsibility. I want to walk the talk, not just teach principles we all know. I want to live and breathe the truth so I can teach with integrity.

I spent years in preparation, working on my own issues. It never truly ends, but I have learned to embrace the process of life, surrender to God at ever deepening levels and have a sense of humor most of the time. I finally felt ready this year and told God it was ok to get me going in public. God moves fast.

As I type this I'm sitting here facing my first really big conference with famous authors this weekend and I'm very excited. I had a dream a few nights ago where Jesus put his hands through mine and beamed God's light to the entire conference room and beyond. I don't have a clue what to expect Sunday. I make up an outline and God moves me over and teaches through me. The angels whisper new exercises in my head... and I surrender. I do know the energy is strong and beautiful so if you want to join in spirit, sit quietly and intend to tap in at 10:30am on Sunday (MST). I've been spinning and heating up all week as the energy is clearing me out so I can funnel through God's love. It is a humbling experience.

So, be the bright loving soul that you are. Don't hide out... the world will reflect the love you share back to you in miraculous ways. Find ways, however small to share your talents. I once read an article about a woman who was grieving from the loss of her husband. She was really good at making cakes so to escape from the grief she baked a cake each day and gave it to someone around her - friends, co-workers, strangers, shelters, etc. Her baking healed her. As a result of her letting her light shine she received so much more love back, and even started a business.

You never know where your own light will lead you. I await the unfolding journey with a sense of wonder.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dealing with resistance

I've been having a very productive week. After being profoundly lazy in August and September, and surrendering to that. At the same time I have been experiencing a lot of adversity. Its a natural cycle I have come to understand. You rise into the light, and the old energies that used to feed off something less try to make their last stand. As I got my energy back and got to work on upgrading my old "Angel Letters" book so I can release it in paperback, everything seemed to get in the way. I was interrupted, there were all sorts of things around the house that had to be done, etc. - in short, I had all sorts of excuses for NOT doing what I wanted to do.

Nonetheless, after years of surfing these waves of bliss, followed by waves of challenge, I knew it was time to push through the resistance. My heart wanted to finish that book. So I went to the group meditation on Wednesday, got peaceful, put everything else to the side and got to work last weekend. And finally, soon the book should be ready for release.

There are times in your life when you really DO want to accomplish something but it seems like all sorts of obstacles arise. Don't give up at these times. I get asked frequently, "How do I know if the obstacles are God's way of detering me, vs. just old energies trying to get in my way." In my experience if you REALLY want something with everything in you, its not God putting obstacles in your way. However, if you THINK you want something (vs. really feeling it), then the obstacles may be a form of redirection. Take a breather, meditate, check in with your heart and find what is really there. Then you'll know what to do next. Floating on the River of God's love does not mean you will have a life without effort - but it does mean you can have a life without struggle! I gave up the struggle when I stopped answering the obstacles call and listened to my own hearts desire.

Have a peaceful week & see if you can really own what you want in life!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Roll with the changes...

It was an interesting week. For the last two weeks I seem to have popped into a state of pure enlightened bliss. I've been meditating more diligently and deeply, going to the Wednesday night groups, and taking time outdoors several days a week if only for a few minutes. Writing a book on maintaining your aura, calls me to practice what I preach.. and it works! But as always, the greater the light that is called in, the more the old energies make their last stand.

I was in Sedona with Jim this weekend. We were sitting at a coffee shop and I had an old spirit pop into my head who is not in the light and who has been a real pain in the past. I asked him directly to leave and made a little joke about putting pink bows on the horns of the demons who try to scare me off my path at times. I got up, went to step off the curb on my way to the car, and one of those upset little energies pushed me. Seriously.

I went flying down onto the pavement. "ROLL!" I heard the voices of my angels loudly, and somehow in that instant every cell in my body knew how to roll like a stunt woman toprevent major injury. I rolled gracefully and ended up on my feet. No one had ever taught me how to roll that way. And I'd never landed on asphalt like that before in my life.

I dusted off and realized I had no bruises, not cuts, no breaks, or sprains, just a little pain from the shock. What could have been a disaster and wreaked havoc in my life ended up being a little misadventure. I know the darker energies were trying to mess me up since I am SO happy as of late. And yet, since I've been watching my thoughts diligently and refusing to get sucked into negativity, they couldn't touch me. The angels were allowed to intervene because my attitude has not been anywhere near victimized as of late. As a result, I am fine.

It just showed me AGAIN how light is more powerful than dark, how not a hair on your head can be harmed when you stand powerfully in the light of truth, and how much help we have all the time if we only ask for it. If you stay in space of basic self-care, self-love, peace, and prayer, then even bad will turn to good.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Free Hugs

This angel message reminds me of the FREE HUGS video that has become wildly popular on The story is simple. A young man by the name of Juan Mann decided there needed to be more love in the world. So, each week he made it his mission to go to a mall in Australia, holding up a huge hand-lettered sign that said, "FREE HUGS." And he hugged all day, all who were willing to receive. His friend who worked at the mall was inspired and filmed him, filmed the banning of free hugs by the city government, the petition to reinstate free hugs, and the heartwarming results. A year later, when Juan's grandmother died and he was taking care of his blind grandfather and very down, his friend, now lead singer for an alternative group called "Sick Puppies" put the video of his hugging friend to the music of a song he wrote, sent it to Juan and posted it on as a tribute to his friend.

The love spread like wildfire. There have been over 3 million viewers. It has been featured on Good Morning America. And FREE HUGS campaigns have sprouted up in Canada, Israel, Venuzuela, etc.

ONE MAN named Juan Mann has made a HUGE impact in the world, and so did his friend the singer, who simply did the video and song as an act of love for his buddy. Check it out here, bring tissues, and never ever ever ever ever again underestimate what an act of love can do :)

Here is the link to the video... listen to the song too....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Give trust a try

I DO trust God, implicitly. I trust that I am loved in good moods and in bad, happy or sad, lethargic or filled with energy. Last month I was completely lethargic after each workday. I had no desire to work on my books, no desire to do projects, no desire even to exercise. So, I surrendered and rested for hours on my couch watching my favorite home and garden television shows! ME, an Aries... resting? Yes indeed! I have learned to surrender. I have learned to trust that when God wants me to move, I'll be inspired to move. Till then, I pulled out the bowl of popcorn, had an occasional glass of wine and trusted my energy would return.

Two weeks ago my energy came back with a huge rush. I painted rooms in my house, trimmed trees, reconditioned woodwork, touched up paint outside, cleaned house, and began working on my books again. If I hadn't rested, I'm sure the energy wouldn't have been there to do all these things. God is gearing me up for big changes in my life and knew I had to restore my energy first. The angels say that "when you are on a raft in a river, you are resting but the current is carrying you." So too, when you are tired and rest, the current of God's love is creating movement you cannot see yet. When its time to do something, the guidance will be unmistakable.

This week, on Wednesday I had settled down to work on the computer when I got a clear feeling to go to my friend Jame's weekly meditation circle. I had fifteen minutes to get there and had no plans of going out that evening. But the feeling was overwhelming. I had wanted to work on editing a book, but I set that aside, changed my plans and went to the group meditation. The energy was incredible! I had another experience with Jesus sending energy and love through this circle. I came home filled with MORE energy than before and managed to get quite a lot done even later at night. I trust that when God puts something in my heart, I just do it. I don't worry about why.

So this week, give trust a try. If you feel like resting, rest and trust. If you feel like working, work and trust. If you feel like doing something outside your routine, do it and trust. You never know how God plans to gift you in ways great or small!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Give your problems to God

I have been working on surrendering all my problems to God and the angels – both larger issues and the smaller fun dilemmas. And so in my last session with Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon I asked him and the angels to suggest paint colors for my living room, family room, and kitchen that would make my heart sing. I was tired of the few remaining white walls in my house. "Orange and green" was the answer. Orange and green? I balked, but as I surrendered to the possibilty that the angels knew what they were doing even in my decor, I realized I DO love those colors. So last weekend I got crazy and worked 18 hours transoforming my house into sunshine and springtime. I LOVE it!! The angels were right once again.

Although surrendering to God's help with paint colors is a small thing it reminds me of how often we THINK we know what we want when in reality God can come up with better. I never would have thought of orange on my walls. I never would have dreamt I'd become an angel communicator. I never would have imagined that God would help me pay bills in the many different ways he has come up with over the years. I never would have imagined buying my last car from a salesman who ended up asking me for readings and giving me a fair price. I never would have imagined that God was going to get me out in public speaking with big name authors this November.

Many of the wonderful things that have happened in my life have taken me by happy surprise. I hadn't planned, strategized, or manipulated life in any way to create them. I simply prayed, trusted, honored my heart, and waited for guidance so strong I couldn't miss it. And always God comes through with miraculous grace.

This is why I wrote my book, "Love is the River"... in my life I trust God to bring all my dreams to fruition, not always when I think they should, most often not how I thought they would, but always in a way that creates more joy, ease, and grace that I could imagine.

So this week, give the boss (God) all your problems. Surrender them to heaven and stop worrying. Focus on living and loving your life and trust the rest will be brought to you in right timing in a joyous, loving way.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Live with heart and passion

Last weekend I attended a beautiful concert by angelic singer/songwriter Kaleah LaRoche. I have known Kaleah for years and it is made MY heart sing to hear how she is getting out in public. Two of her songs are hitting the tops of the charts on the website American Idol Underground, and her music always makes me cry beacause she channels the frequencies of God and the angels as she sings. I have all her CDs and listen to them when I need to remember heaven. They open my heart.

Her dedication to her calling is inspiring. She quit a successful career, much like I did. I was an engineer turned author and angel communicator. She was a mortgage banker turned musician.

I remember the days when I earned $6 after taxes and bookstore commission for being 'psychic in the window' at a local metaphysical bookstore. I remember the days of teaching classes for the one person who showed up. As Dr. Peebles often does, I quote Emily Dickinson:

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

It is not the magnitude of what we do, but rather whether or not we do it with heart. God supports your hearts dreams and desires to share your gifts and talents whatever the may be, whether on a small or a grand scale. If you want to start a business using your gifts, JUST START. Trust, trust, and trust again that God will guide you if you but SURRENDER to your own heart. Make money on the side in a 'real job' if you have to and trust the money will come if you keep walking the path.

Our gifts were given to us by God to be shared.

I was scared stiff when I quite my 'real' job to do readings full time. I'm sure Kaleah felt similarly when she quit hers. I'm sure you will feel the same if you end up following your passion. At some time we let go of the familiar to embrace the new dreams. As the license plate on the car I got stuck behind this weekend said, we take ourselves to a NEWLVL (New level) when we trust.

Your dreams can come true. You CAN create a career based on your talents and gifts. It may take TIME and PATIENCE but God will guide you.

A client told me that my workshop at the Celebrate Your Life conference sold out prior to many of the famous authors. I was blown away. I remember the one person classes, the days of not knowing where rent was coming from, and the dreams I have of helping get God's message of love out to the entire world. I think I'm on the path. You are too.

Trust in you. Trust in God's love for you. Take one step at a time. You never know where it might lead :)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

You poor little thing...

The angels message reminds of a life-changing moment I had several years ago. I was dating a good man but one who needed to become a bit more responsible. At the time I met a wonderful psychic. She was a gorgeous woman of color, very self-assured, compassionate, and totally blunt. She took one look at me, shook her head from side to side, and nailed me:

"Mmm Mmm. You poor little thing," she said.
"Always givin' in the hopes you gonna get some back."

I went home and cried my eyes out. She was right. I gave and gave and gave and gave, and often felt sorry for myself wondering why no one would give to me when I gave so much to them. What I didn't realize at the time is that I did not treat msyelf the way I wanted others to treat me!

What a revelation!! The universe always reflects back to you the love you show yourself. When you give yourself a little time you are gifted with greater ease in your life. When you take care of your own needs, you get blessed with abundance of time or money to share. When you honor your own heart, you have a gracious abundance of love from which to give.

Years ago when I worked all hours of all days, I gave good readings. Now that I take care of myself, the messages can be powerful and profound. God can get through more information when my mind is clear.

Years ago I bought gifts for everyone else, helped people with their dreams, and bailed people out of their messes frequently. Now I don't enable others but I do encourage and support them in being self-sufficient. I give to my friends when it is a joy, and I contribute to worthy causes as well. I support my dreams of helping the masses to know they are loved. In taking care of myself I can give more.

I was asking God for inspiration last week. I could NOT get motivated to work on any of my book projects. So I bailed on my office work this week, and went for an 8 mile hike instead. My soul NEEDED a walk in nature to clear my head and make room for more. Sure enough I came home to find a call on my phone asking me to speak at another large conference next May. While I was taking care of myself, God was working behind the scenes. Now I can share the angels' wisdom with MORE people. This has been my prayer.

So try taking care of yourself FIRST then give when your cup runneth over. You will be surprised how much more you can give.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

God can see the bigger picture

The angels have often told me that we are loved by God, no matter what. I'll never forget a time I was flaming mad at one of my angels for guiding me into a tough lesson. I was so peeved I got a reading with Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, because I knew I was too biased to hear the voices inside my head with clarity. God bless him indeed, he started the reading off with, "My dear we love you so very much. You are absolutely beautiful when you're mad and shooting off sparks and you can yell at us the entire hour if you like." I melted of course under the light of that truth. Who could stay angry in the face of love?

I've asked the angels how they handle us when we're stubborn, primarily because I was learning how to deal with people in my own life that were stubborn. I loved their answer.

"We first guide people by igniting their passion for good in their lives, guiding them towards their dreams by placing longings within their hearts, and offering easy and joyful guidance. We assure you, you won't miss our guidance or the stirrings in your hearts, if you take even the smallest time in silence each day, but you can ignore the very same. "

"If people refuse to listen to their hearts and guidance, we help them set themselves up for external challenging lessons that force them to take a step back, take inventory of their priorities, and get back in touch with their hearts."

"All else failing, we back off and allow the more stubborn souls who refuse to receive our love to learn their lessons all by themselves, the hard way, until they are willing to trust God to help them, to surrender to life, and to realize that they are not going to manipulate life according to their designs. This is not cruelty but kindness," the angels said. "God wants to help you create more than you'd ask for yourself, but in ways that serve your soul's path and the greater good. God can see the bigger picture whereas you cannot always do so."

They told me that a parent does the same thing - teaches a child with kindness first, with firmness if that fails, and then if all else fails, allows a child to learn the hard way. Of course they prefer to guide us with love.

So I have found in my life that if someone is not kind, I try to be loving and open first. That failing, I set a healthy boundary. And if all else fails, I back off. It has freed up my emotional energy to allow me to focus on helping a lot of people rather than agonizing over a few. There is no guilt required for being healthy :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Patience is a Virtue

The angels are not too subtle in my life. I was thanking them a few weeks ago and using a bit of slang, saying "Angels YOU ROCK!" Well lo and behold, I got stuck in traffic behind a car with the license plate GDROCKS! I just about flipped. As I continue to learn to trust divine timing in my life and affirm it to others, I got this horoscope in the mail today: Affirmation for this week of PATIENCE - "I let go of fear and frustration by patiently bowing to divine timing. I trust that blessings from Spirit are worth waiting for." (From Horoscopes at Psychic Chat)

Patience has been a challenge for me in the past. I always wanted what I wanted when I wanted it. But as life moved forward and the angels taught me, time and again I began to understand the wisdom of God's timing. Ten years ago I was not ready to publish books and be out in public, even though I wanted it badly at the time. I had no balance and no boundaries and I would have worn myself thin trying to all things to all people. God wisely made me wait and grow.

I've wanted material objects but rather than running out and buying them or charging them I've seen time and again how waiting either brings you better, or better prices on what you originally wanted.

I've wanted relationships of all types, but had to wait until I grew enough to accept them.

Every time I find myself getting impatient in my life, I pray. "God, grant me patience, and keep me busy and happy now, in this moment. Help me trust in your plan and trust in your great love for me." Then I go about my life, do what I love to do, and trust that in right timing all heart's desires will come to pass.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Living by heart incerases productivity

It is amazing what happens when we live according to our hearts. For weeks I had managed not to make time for my own projects. I got bombarded by emails, asked to do favors for others, and life presented its share of challenges. I resolved this week to put myself and my own projects first and kept that promise.

As always when I chose to honor my own spirit, things get calmer in my lives. The emails went down to a reasonable level, my home, car, and other things behaved well, and life went smoothly. I updated 142 web pages, finished a ton of office work and started getting organized to write once again.

The saying goes: "God helps those who help themselves." I used to interpret that as meaning I had to work myself to death if God was going to help me. I know know that means I have to treat myself the way I want God to treat me. I have to honor my time if I want the world to honor my time. I have to make time for my projects if I am to help more people in this world. I have to take time to rest and be in balance if I don't want life around me to pull me to pieces.

So this week put yourself first. Take time for you in front of the to-do list. Ditch the guilt and remember that if you care for yourself your cup will run over and you'll be a blessing to those around. Try it and see what happens :)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Peace be with you

Wow, that kind of blew me away. I usually have a crowd of angels that comes through for these messages but tonight as I sat to channel, I was tired and although I wanted to have a finished newsletter, I didn't really have the energy to do it. So I begged heaven to please come through with a brief but poignant message. My heart began to expand with a bliss that I only feel when Jesus is around, and the words came through with a sweet vibration. See if you can feel them. Mind you I am not religious and I have friends of all faiths, and guides of all "faiths" as well - well, as if guides HAD faiths! They are the first to admit their spirituality is based in the One God, not in man's creations.

That said, I am learning new levels of peace. Last weekend I got stuck for five hours total in traffic jams, one hour in Sedona and four on the major highway heading home. This occurred shortly after I had sat on a rock near the creek watching an unusually large number of SNAILS creep along the creek bottom. I had marvelled at how serenely and calmly they moved and how they seemed to cover great ground even while moving slowly. I guess Spirit was teaching me a lesson.

We have a tendancy to think that if we slow down things will not get done. We have a tendancy to get anxious when we sit still for too long, and yet, it is in our still time that we connect strongly with God, and our angels have a chance to work with our energy. It is in stillness that we find peace. The angels said, as I was writing "Love is the River"... "If you are on a raft on a river, you are not moving, and yet you ARE moving." Sometimes we slow down to allow time for God to carry us forward in our lives. Be still for awhile this week. Be at peace.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tough love from the angels

What a week! When I taught the "Aura Hygiene" class I felt pretty good about mastering a lot of lessons surrounding keeping my energy strong and positive, but then when I started putting the material into book form, Spirit and my soul decided to go deeper. For the last two months I have been feeling the pain of everyone and everything around me. I've gotten sucked into feeling sad about the world and the lower level behaviors I witness all around me. I got down. And the energies that love to jump all over me ate that up. I'd be sitting in a chair after dinner when the creepy crawlies would gather around. They're not allowed in my readings but in my spare time, all hell, literally, was all over my body and mind. I was really upset till I took charge and started really focusing on my light and that drove them away. Dark doesn't like light. I thought I was doing great. I asked the angels to comment Saturday and instead of the acknowledgement I wanted they started by saying, "My dear you love so much you will ALWAYS take on the energies around you."

I didn't hear another word. I spiralled back into despair. I got stark raving mad at God. I yelled at the angels. "You mean I have to SUFFER feeling the world's pain after comforting others all day? I'm doomed to hurt in my body my entire life? I'm going to be attacked by lost wounded souls in my SLEEP till the end of my days?" I was so upset. "Just erase me now God. What STUPID system you devised." I ranted and raged. Meanwhile, while the hurt parts of my spirit cried out in anger, the soul that I have come to call the observer part of me watched the tantrum. I knew through the entire ordeal that I hadn't even heard what the angels meant to say. I knew at that level that this was some hurt part of me coming to the surface for healing. I knew that God and the angels were sending me extra love even as I told them off. And so I allowed the pain to surface.

Two days later *I* had a reading with Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon. (yes I even need to hear the voices outside of my head at times! It is a huge comfort). He explained that I hadn't let them finish the sentence. I would always, through my great love for people take in their pains, BUT he said, I was learning to pass them on through me, as water goes through the gills of a fish, back to God for transformation. Such a relief! I realized the part of me that was screaming was an inner child who felt so sad and the angels confirmed this, had me bring that part of myself to the surface and whisked her out through Summer's body into the light. I felt WONDERFUL.

Today the silver lining in all this growth becomes apparent. I can share these adventures with others going through it as well. And as I hugged a woman today who is going through tremendous challenges in both health and marriage, I noticed how I WANTED to help her heal. As we hugged, an ice cold energy left her chest and took up residence in mine. I realized this was the fear that had prevented her from completely healing in the past and that through my willingness and my love, I sucked it out of her. I went in the house and gave it to God. I focused on the light in my own heart, and became that light in medtation and the icy energy left me as my body lurched and emitted a loud cry. I am learning to do this more quickly. If all that pain was necessary to help this woman, it was all worthwhile.

So if you tend to take on the pain of the world, don't forget part B - get rid of it! Give it to God! Sit in meditation and focus on becoming light and ask God to take this pain back into His heart and heal it. Watch the healing you receive as well.

I thank you all for walking this path with me. At times like these I realize how extraordinary we, on this list, truly are. We are committed to growing and changing our world, starting with our own hearts. I am very grateful for all of you and I truly love you.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Patience is practical

As always this channeling hits home with me! I've been in a huge lesson in patience this year. Every time I create anything I have to wait! I am learning to trust in God's timing impeccably. This week I had a mundane but fun example. I have been saving up for a larger display for my computer. I often have six or seven windows open at a time when I'm working on website, graphics, email, meditations, my calendar, etc. and it is cumbersome to constantly switch between them. I saw the display of my dreams four months ago and intended to own it some day when the time was right. It was totally out of my price range.

Well last week I got the urge to clean off my desk and make room for the display. Not knowing why on earth I was doing that but trusting that the urge meant something was about to happen, I weeded out the stuff in my desk, raised up a shelf to make room and waited. I thought about buying the display and even though I knew I could put it on a charge card, decided to be patient. Something just made me feel like waiting. So two days later when I got the urge to check the website where it was on sale, imagine my surprise to find out it went down 1/5 in price AND there was a reconditioned on available at an even greater discount!! Now it was time to use the charge, which is something I rarely do, but I saved so much it was worth both the wait and the credit.

Even the mundane material manifestations will warrant God's attention. God cares about everything WE care about and much more for us. I am learning that good things do indeed come to those who wait for GOD to tell us when to take action. How will you know when to take action? You'll want to with everything in you! Not a bad thing to learn for an ex "Queen of Impatience - Aries!!" Try having a little patience this week and see what shows up :) You will be pleasantly surprised I bet!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don't delay your happiness!

My guides told me a long time ago, that "eternity was a long time and I better learn to enjoy the moment!" I've tried best as I can to embrace that philosophy and when I do live in the moment, honoring my heart's rhythms, life flows easily and magically. When I forget and put pressure on myself, life goes nuts. A month ago I was writing as if the words were water pouring out of a faucet. It just flowed. Then suddenly I tired of writing and I could not make myself get the words on paper. I gave up! I figured if the "Aura Hygiene" book has to wait so be it; it would be terribly hypocritical for me to mess up MY own energy to write a book about maintaining YOURs :)! The angels reminded me of that fine point.

We all have some goal we want to reach at some point in our lives. Whether it be cleaning out a room, writing a book, finishing up a nasty divorce, making a move, getting a new job, having a baby or what have you there are always times when we feel we won't feel settled or happiest until something in the future happens. And yet, life keeps happening in each moment.

"WHY PUT OFF YOUR HAPPINESS TILL YOU REACH YOUR GOALS, ANN?" the angels once asked me. Great question. I challenge myself to remember that. So this weekend when I put time aside to write, I was surprised when all I wanted to do was rest and clean out my house. I have needed to declutter again for some time and to reorganize a few things and all of the sudden it sounded really fun. I spent an entire weekend doing mundane puttering around the house and to my great surprise the desire to write has returned, my energy feels great, and I'm upbeat again.

It sometimes seems that our pursuits aren't so spiritual and may not even relate to a goal, and yet I've found that if you listen to what you truly want to do in the moment, leave the future to God and just make a choice to do what makes you happiest, then all falls into right order and you reach your goals faster.

Go easy on yourself this week and do something you WANT to do rather than something you should (of course there are a few HAVE TOs that aren't negotiable, but there are many shoulds that are!) and see what happens.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back to Basics

Many of you have written me or come to my office lately experiencing a heaviness of heart. It seems that many of you are feeling the events in the world and may not even know it. Symptoms like needing an inordinate amount of sleep, uncharacteristic loneliness, and a heaviness seem to be running rampant. Fear seems to be trying to rear its head as of late as well in so many hearts. The dark energies seem to try to capitalize on times of turmoil to stir us up.

In times like these, if you feel the world, it is SO important to get back to basics in life. Rest, eat decently, and find things that uplift your spirit. Spend time with people that uplift you, or watching shows that inspire you.

I took the angels' message last week to heart and got out of town and outdoors deep into the woods last weekend. I sat in the car during a wonderful thunderstorm, and hiked amidst the pines up north. My spirit felt rejuvenated once again and my energy level was much better. At home again this week, trying to hold everyone else up, I find myself needing a great deal of sleep. I am surrendering to my body. It knows best.

Be very gentle with yourselves in these changing times. The energy is both conducive to wonderful creations if you intend and pray for what you want, and also great heaviness if you get sucked into that energy. It seems that wherever our thoughts are pointed, we go there quickly. Be kind to yourself this week and trust that this in itself is a contribution to peace and a catalyst for change in your own life.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Let Mother Earth Love You

First of all thank you for all the love and prayers last week. I trust deeply that they will help the healing of many hurting souls, and offer comfort and protection to the dear woman I asked you to pray for.

Today's message wasn't what I expected. I thought the angels would comment on the war in the middle east or one of many other important topics, and yet what is more important to us as human beings than feeling safe, healthy, and secure in life? Whether the security you seek is physical security, financial, or just the comfort of knowing that God hears your prayers we all need it. The angels once said that security does not come from the outer world, but rather from embracing the fact that we are part of God and just as the body knows the needs of each cell, God too knows the needs of each person here. When we pray, our prayers are heard. The angels once told me not to sabotage my prayers with doubt. So true. They called me on that one! We have to have deep faith that in the right time and in the right way the prayers will be heard.

Many a time in my life when I was ill at ease, it was the earth that healed me. I was married in my young twenties. I can safely say that neither myself nor my former husband truly knew who we were at the time. After nine years passed and I discovered my intuitive calling, my former husband and I realized we were on separate paths and parted peacefully. Nonetheless, I was very religious at the time and felt torn between what I knew was a God-given calling and what I'd been told all my life was the greatest 'failure' a person could create, namely divorce. I was also terrified. I had lived a sheltered life, gone to college, gotten married, and then lived with my husband. I had never been truly on my own as an adult. I felt as if the floor had dropped out from under me and I was physically and financially scared.

The earth healed me. I drove north every weekend for many months to be out in nature - to hike, sit on sunny rocks, dip my feet in the creek and reconnect with a world that existed outside my head and in the physical reality. The earth gave me strength. Her mountains taught me stability. The trees taught me to bend without breaking. The water taught me to flow and let go. I talked, listened, and learned from every facet of the natural universe from the mountains to the tiny bugs.

Earth is alive. At times in your life when you need inspiration, go outdoors and watch the sky and notice how big it is relative to the small problems we see as huge in the moment. It is eternal. The same moon that shines on you shines on those on the other side of the world. The air we breathe is shared. The waters we drink ultimately circulate through all of creation.

When you need security, lay upon the earth and feel the embrace, as the angels say. There is something phenomenally comforting about sitting on a large rock and feeilng its strength beneath you. Merge with it and you too will feel strong. Need more flexibility? Lean on a tree and ask it to teach you. Do you need to learn how to go with the flow? Watch a stream moving over the rocks. Earth is a healer. See if you can create a little time, no matter how short, to go outside and enjoy the benefits!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Help heal the hurting hearts

Take heart. The energy is indeed thick and I have been bombarded by people going through tough times - almost every one of them includes losing control in one way or another - getting fired, not knowing where the next client is coming from, having an ex try to hide his addictions to retain custody, losing a child, losing a husband, you name it. There are so many hurting souls in the world. I do my best at all times to remain in love and truth because from that space, I can see the lessons and truly assist people. As you know I'm writing a book called Aura Hygiene to help others understand how to avoid getting sucked into the pain and emotions of others -- and so of course, I am in a course of deep study on the subject myself.

I'd like to ask for your help. I have had so many clients suffer the unthinkable and yet one stands out. She is a young mother. I cannot share the details of her case of course, but she has suffered unthinkable betrayals, acts of violence against her, injustice by those who are supposed to protect us, and the pain of not being able to protect her children from some unbelievable tough situations. I love her dearly and I got sucked in deeply to the despair that she feels. I have been working very hard these past several months to live in the truth I know no matter how tough it is.

I know we sign up for lessons - the angels say some of us are very ambitious when we sign up for class on earth, then we get down here and say, "What WAS I thinking?" And yet, this is a school. We did sign up to learn and some of us chose some pretty intense classes. So I looked into this woman's life and saw the unthinkable pain that her perpetrator went through in childhood and angels, being angels, suggested we both send love unfailingly and ask the kids to do the same. To choose to love while still trying to stop darkness is one tough calling and I bet many of you on this list have had similar lessons. I have had to say, ok I HATE the behaviors, but I can love the soul. And I had to advise this dear soul to do the same even though every human part of me wanted to wish him the same pain he has caused her. I focused on the wounded child and prayed daily. She is doing the same. She needs our help.

And I believe that because we are SO powerful we can help the world through our prayers. Not only the innocent need our prayers. The perpetrators do even more so. They need our prayers for the healing of their hearts so they can at long last turn away from the dark that took root in them through acts of violence against them, and find healing. Healing may occur via legal punishment and that's ok. But healing is what we want for them so they stop passing on the pain. If everyone on this list can spend time this week praying for the healing of the hurting hearts on this planet I know we can do some serious good, and heal ourselves in the process.

I once was given an exercise by the angels to go over a list of past boyfriends that had been pretty tough on me and find out how and why I attracted them and then to WRITE THEM THANK YOU LETTERS. The angels told me I was not allowed to send the letters until I felt genuine gratitude for the lessons. Needless to say that took a few months of concentrated work. I had to get over feeling like a victim. I had to OWN the fact that my choices and perceptions found me in their company. I had to own why I stayed in spite of betrayal, verbal abuse, lies and so forth.

And then I wrote letters - thank you for teaching me that my need to be understood made me blind to the truth of others; thank you for cheating on me because I was cheating on my own intuition when I began dating you; thank you for the anger you aimed at me because it taught me to not take things personall and to stand in my power. I truly AM grateful these days but it wasn't easy.

So this is why this newsletter is late. I HAD to get back to love and trust and surrender before I could write it. Lets pray together for all hurting hearts - the innocent and the dark ones. They're all in need of healing and we are so powerful together.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Tubing & Surrender to God

I was badly in need of play last weekend. I took a day to myself and meditated, cleaned house and did some rather meanless but fun creative tasks. Then I invited Jim down and we went "tubing" on the Salt River

Tubing is loads of fun. You rent an inner tube or two or three (one for the cooler, I AM part Polish after all and eating is a high priority even on water!), and tie them all together then surrender to the current. The flow was swift this year and the river was clean. We had to surrender much of the time because paddling was too much work. What a JOY it was too, to surrender. It was so awesome to relax in the arms of the river and let something carry ME for once, without a worry about where we'd go or how we'd get there, except for the occasional control-freak moments where I hung on tight through the little rapids!

Life is like that. When we surrender to the flow of God's love it brings us unexpected pleasures. We saw a blue heron standing on the banks, some wild horses, and a lot of beautiful scenery. The trip reminded me to honor the wisdom in my own book -- to surrender to my heart moment after moment, and in so doing, to remember that God is in charge, and all is always love :)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Be Honest with Yourself

I loved the angels message. I've been in a study the past several years of my life of relationships. In my past I tried to please everyone. I tried to be fairy godmother, healer, savior, martyr, fixer, parent, whatever the person needed. I had managed to create healthy boundaries with my work but with the personal friends and past boyfriends, I morphed into whatever they needed me to be. I forgot myself and my own dreams entirely. When I asked the angels in 2002 if it was time to start writing, they told me it had been time two years prior!

So if you can imagine when I made up the class "Aura Hygiene" I thought I would be simply talking about a few psychic tricks and tips. Instead I realized that we can't truly maintain our own energy unless we are honest with ourselves and others. If we constantly give in to what someone else wants, we spill out our energy with little return! If we constantly try to take on another's pain we become overburdened.

I started writing about this three weeks ago and 75 pages have poured out of me. The "River" is flowing. I have surrendered to my own heart and can at long last write. While I was writing I realized I let the housecleaning go, the emails waited, the phone was off, and I became virtually inaccessible. I stayed up too late but had energy, and got up early and felt excited. Its funny how when your relationship with yourself is honest, everything works in your life. And somehow the emails got answered, the chores done, and calls recorded in record time when I was tired of writing.

So this week, relate honestly with yourself . Do something you want to do but have been putting off. Be honest with others. Watch your energy increase and your dreams start to come true :)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Avoid Judgement

I have been working hard to stand in higher truth even when it is hard. Last Sunday when wildfires broke out in Sedona on the very spot I hiked one week prior, it wasn't easy. The fire was started by a careless person who ignored the laws and left a campfire to smolder. It has burned over 3000 acres so far, among them some of my most beloved hiking trails. Oaks, ponderosa pines, and maples are burning, not to mention the loss of animals, and the scarred landscape, threatened houses and businesses... and yet... the angels tell me to Love, Love, and Love more. I caught myself wanting to slide into judgment of the person who started it. I still don't think it was right. And yet the angels told me to see as God sees. To accept without judgment. To know that while I certainly don't support such actions I must avoid "casting stones."

Its hard sometimes to refrain from judgement. Its so easy to think we would "never" do something like that and yet the angels reminded me of when I was a child and how my brother and I shot "bottle rockets" back when they were still legal, at the house of a neighbor who had yelled at us. I had conveniently forgotten. We were lucky we didn't start any catastrophic fires back then. My parents would have stopped me had they known. "None of you," the angels told me, "is separate from another." "You have all had brilliant moments and acts of sheer carelessness." There but for the grace of God go I, I thought. I released my judgment and focused my attention and prayers on asking for rain to come quickly, winds to be favorable, and grace to help everyone get through it. The energy was far better spent in a positive direction than it would have been if wasted on judgment.

So when you find you are tempted to judge, no matter how awful the action of the other, remember, we've all done things that aren't perfect, and our energy is far better spent focused on what we DO want in our lives than what we don't.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Living in the Moment

I no sooner released my message last week about not rushing when I was hit with an onslaught of work! I'm changing list servers and had a lot of work to do as a result of that, and also found out doesn't do two-cd sets, so I ended up making my own for the aura hygiene class. Anyway, it was a busy week and I was forced to really remember what I preach! I breathed deeply, relaxed, and trusted. It worked! Things are falling into greater order again, and I took a much needed break this weekend and refreshed my spirit in spite of it all.

I feel so blessed these days. I have been practicing living each moment fully, being patient about getting my goals accomplished, and praying with gratitude for my life. I have a tendency to want to get things accomplished NOW, and having to pace myself to finish these books is forcing me to slow down, to trust the process, and to enjoy life along the way. I can't believe I lived for so many years forcing myself to adhere to artificial deadlines and trying to make sure I was always on top of everything. In my past, the more I got done, the more there was to do. In my present, that is true as well, but somehow it doesn't bother me. As the angels once said, "You have eternity Ann. You really ought to learn to enjoy each moment... eternity is a long time!" Its true! We live on after death and we'll always have goals, even in heaven! So we may as well learn to slow down, cherish the moments, be true to ourselves, and TRUST that everything that is of real value in our lives will get accomplished.

I'll get these books done, and you'll get your dreams accomplished too if we take them one step at a time. Go easy on yourself this week. Ditch useless artificial deadlines and ask yourself what you really cherish in life. Amazing how the same life takes on a different character when we change our focus like this.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Slowing down is speeding up

The angels are right. It is amazing what can happen since I've slowed down. Now that may sound insane. I still stay up late hours, work an awful lot, and fit huge amounts into my life. But after I broke my foot in 2004, I stopped rushing. I learned to catch myself when I was getting in a frenzy, stop, breathe, and ask myself what was really important. Tonight is no exception. I'm working hard to upgrade my email program so you will be able to get pretty html emails if your system supports it. Of course, learning a new program is taking a bit of time and designing a pretty new newsletter is as well, so I caught myself starting to panic. I have a packed day on Friday and drive to visit Jim Friday night. There is not going to be anytime to eat if I don't get this done tonight! And so I surrender, and breathe and realize that if this email goes out as it has for years, its not a big deal. Most likely you won't get the pretty email till next week... and so I surrender. It was a deadline I made up anyway.

There are deadlines we don't make up. Here in the United States if you don't pay your taxes by April 15th, there are penalties. And so we must meet those deadlines at times. But I've learned that if I intend that I get all important things done in my life when they really need to be done, it happens, somehow. I am given the grace, strength, energy, or desire to accomplish what I must.

See if you can catch yourself in the act of rushing this week. Stop. Breathe. Ask what is important to your soul. Then watch and see how much you actually get accomplished :)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Let Go & Let God!

I had another wonderful week. God came through again with a way to handle the bills! Everytime I get a surprise expense, I just turn it over to "the boss" - that is, God! When some big car repairs were requried last month, I didn't know how on earth I would avoid credit card interest to pay the bills. Furthermore, I didn't know how I'd afford to buy a lot of my own books! Right as I was ready to mail off my credit card payment with its wonderful interest, the angels suggested I go to the mailbox. There in my mail was an offer from a card I hadn't used in a long time to transfer all balances and have no interest for 15 months. A free loan works for me and I can easily pay it off in that time frame.

God always comes through. Sometimes you have no idea how. Sometimes you have to surrender to a solution that looks like something you don't want right before you get one you do. God knows better than us at times how to handle things. Here is my favorite quote:

We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned so as to have the one that is waiting for us -- Joseph Campbell.

Oh so true!
Trust this week... that all is wonderfully being taken care of in God's wisdom.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Earth Needs our Love

It is indeed an amazing time to be alive. I've been clearing emotions left and right. They wash up out of the blue and move through just as quickly. I just allow for it without analysis. I let the River of God's love flow through me carrying away what it will. And as a result I am blessed by joy. The last few weeks I've been lucky to be playing with fairies again. For those of you not familiar with them, they are like tiny angels that tend to our natural universe - the plants, animals, our bodies, etc. I've been lucky enough to see a few and they're adorable, mischievous, playful and creative.

One by-product of working with fairies is that you start to become much more aware of how your actions affect the environment. Jim and I went to a home and garden show a few weeks ago and after just talking about how we wanted to eliminate the harsher cleaning chemicals from our lives, we met up with two wonderful solutions. One company was selling those little micro-fiber mops and rags that let you clean with water and white vinegar easily, with no harsh cleaners. They save me from using up paper towels, which saves on trees too.

The next two women we met work for Shaklee that started out as a vitamin company but now sells environmentally friendly cleansers as well that don't pollute our environment. They look more expensive but because they're concentrates (to save on packaging waste) they really aren't. I was amazed at how quickly the little fairies helped me connect with people to help make my environment greener.

The earth is in need of our love. I know we can't all go completely green. I don't have $30K to sink into solar panels now or the money to pay for a hydrogen powered car, and yet in small ways I am using up my old cleansers and going to steam, water, and vinegar, and environmentally friendly products. I feel the fairies thanking me and the earth breathing a sigh of relief that one more person is going to stop polluting her waters with toxic waste.

This week, think of the earth as a "mother" figure. She supports us, gives us all that we need, and asks little in return. Maybe you can switch just one habit to make your life more environmentally friendly, whether that be switching to natural cleaners, composting garbage, etc. I know we can't all immediately change our entire lifestyles, but a lot of little changes will make a big differences. Give it a try and feel the gratitude of the elementals :) I've been blessed with more joy as a result. You will be too!

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Spiritual Decorator

Its amazing. I watch the news and see chaos and sometimes feel it in my own heart, and yet at the same time I feel encouraged, inspired, and passionate about life. The chaos brings changes. Changes bring new ways of looking at life, and that brings greater truth and awareness to the surface in our own lives.

Robyn Friedman is a dear client who is wonderful decorated and self-admitted "home coach." She gifted me with a session and I have to admit I was both excited and nervous. My decorating style is somewhat like "fairy goes southwest tropical" - i.e., utter beautiful chaos. I had a few ares in my house that needed therapy but was worried about hurting Robyn's feelings since I didn't want to change too much. I needn't have worried. As we played together I realized that I had learned to speak up about my own tastes and as a result I had been blessed to be with this wonderful woman who completely honored them. She helped me with the few areas I didn't like and was gracious enough to encourage me to keep what I liked 'as is.' I realized that she gives people the gift of themselves - much like the angels do in a reading. She encourages people to bring out their best side and express their personal tastes. For some time I had felt that I "should" coordinate my things better, but as Robyn helped me try that out, I realized more about myself - I like everything, all mixed up, like nature! And God bless her for understanding that and helping me make the few adjustments I did want.

I'm sure it would have been more fun for her, from a creative standpoint, to really make my home look good, and yet she explained to me that her satisfaction came from people - from making them happy with their homes no matter what that meant. She had no ego involved and was able to help me accept my own tastes even more.

It occurred to me that if we could all do this for one another our relationships would be transformed. If we could express ourselves and own what we want honestly, and at the same time respect others perspectives, life would sure be a lot easier. If we didn't try to make others change to suit our tastes but rather helped them be more of what they wanted to be, all of our relationships would be in right order, certainly more honest, and more loving. Thank you Robyn for that gift! (ps - she is at: if you're in Arizona).

So this week, try embracing a bit of chaos. Ask someone else how they would remake your life, or your home. Sit with the ideas. Look at your own life or home with a fresh perspective and see what is you and what isn't. Be happy you know more about yourself. Stirring things up a bit can bring new realizations, new ideas, or simply greater self-acceptance. Enjoy!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Love is Practical!

I've been really practicing the angel's message up above. I have had one sore spot when it comes to loving in the past and that is loving people who drive rudely and aggressively, cutting me off in traffic, and sending angry energy my way. I drive on the freeway to Sedona quite often and it is a taxing ride when someone tailgates me at 75mph.

However, I prayed for help in being more loving. Wouldn't you know it, the day after I prayed, Dr. Peebles (the angel channeled by Summer Bacon) had a lesson on being more loving!! He suggested specifically that you send love even to the "rude, aggressive drivers on the road." I was floored, but not surprised. Heaven is always listening to our prayers. He suggested we send thoughts such as, "I acknowledge you are driving rudely and aggressively but I choose to send you love anyway because that is my truth." He said we'd be surprised by the results. I did that, and sure enough the rude drivers started going around me, slowing down, letting ME pass, and all manner of courtesies I had heretofore not experienced.

Love is practical :) Give it a try next time someone annoys you!


I'm enrolled in the the Summer Bacon Institute as my ongoing course of online study. Summer channels the angel Dr. James Martin Peebles. For three weeks of each month, four days a week you get 15 minute audio clips channeled from Dr. Peebles with education, exercises, & meditations. The fourth week Summer lectures regarding her understanding of the material. There are also teleconferences with spirit channeled through her, chats, and more. I love it :) Dr. Peebles has been my mentor in spirit since 2000 and although his teachings are straightforward, putting them into practice is mastery. I love the homework - simple but it really works :)

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Strength of Loving Thoughts

Life is good these days. My struggles with the negative energies are over. Every time I feel a twinge I send it to God and release myself to do what I feel passionate about these days - writing, updating the website, figuring out how to reach more people. I don't have time for the dramas and pain these days. I had an aching neck the other day and went to the c hiropractor who gave me a phenomenal adjustment. He told me it would be a bit sore for a day and he wasn't kidding. In my past I would have felt sorry for myself, and withdrawn till I felt better. However, I decided to counteract the pain by reaching out to my mom who is diligently healing after knee surgery. I called mom and was in the middle of telling her how I wasn't going to let life's trials get to me anymore, when the most brilliant, white hot pulse of light travelled up my spine, all through my body, and washed the pain away - totally. I'm still a bit stiff but the ache is gone. I was dumbfounded.

The angels insist always that one loving thought is stronger than a thousand negative ones. They say that with one positive, deeply heartfelt, intent, we can move mountains. I have been reminded as of late to always focus on what I DO want, rather than what I don't. For example I have a few large bills as of late so instead of focusing on them, I focus on feeling spiritually wealthy and that is my reality. I have had a few aches and pains (too much time at the computer!) so intead I focus on feeling wonderful. It is simply amazing how powerful we are to create.

Have some fun with that this week... practice building mental muscle and chasing self-defeating thoughts away! ... and have a magical week!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Times of Strengthening

This boggles my mind. I sat here for the last hour waiting to channel the angel message. It usually pours out but tonight it was not so I finally asked the crew upstairs what they had in mind. They suggested I stop struggling, open up my archives, shut my eyes, and scroll down to an old message 'at random.' The one above was the one I ended up 'randomly' selecting. I am in a lesson of releasing struggle and this message spoke to me directly.

After I got the joyous news that I'll be speaking at the Celebrate Your Life conference in November, I got slammed with a barrage of negative thoughts that just floored me. I have been practicing awareness for so long now that I know the difference between my own thoughts (I believe them) vs. thoughts introduced by energies that try to counteract our joy (I don't believe them for more than a few seconds). I went through three hours non-stop saying, "No, you are not my truth" to these thoughts and finally collapsed in tears from sheer exhaustion. Jesus had his 40 days in the desert facing demons. I believe we have these brief excursions as well.

These are not tests, so much as times of strengthening. If we are going to stand in greater light we are more powerful. Our thoughts create situations more quickly, and it becomes more important to choose thoughts that uplift, inspire, and support our dreams. Part of learning to do that is, at times, being tempted to fall into 'negative' thinking.

If this ever happens to you, focus on what is good in your life. Focus on what is working. Focus on giving to others because love dispels the dark. Focus on humor, laughter, and joy. Focus on what is exciting and refuse to give power to these doubts. They will soon disappear. We all have our days in the 'desert' but the good news is, that is where we find a stronger and brighter light.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Not a Coincidence... Love is the River!

I spent 30 hours last weekend restructuring and cleaning up the book I've been working on for over two years. The urge to finish it was so strong that with the exception of meals I did nothing else. The weekend was beautiful and I was tempted to play outside, run errands, etc., but everything in me said, "Finish that book." And so I did.

In the first chapter I talk about a mystical experience I had when I was five years old at a waterfall near Washington D.C. Sunday afternoon I was almost finished but needed a way to end the book, and picture of a river for the cover. I prayed and let go, knowing God always provides. The prayer was answered quicky! I had no sooner sent the final page of my book to my printer when an incoming email captured my attention. It was from my father. The subject was "GREAT DAY AT THE FALLS" and in the email was a picture of the waterfall I'd written about in the first chapter!

For some "strange" reason, my parents who live 300o miles away and didn't even know I was writing this book, had the sudden urge to go that same waterfall, take pictures, and send them to me the very second I finished my book. The book is called "Love is the River: Embracing the Flow of Divine Grace." It is all about letting go and letting God make your life run smoothly and easily. I could not have been more floored by the wonderful timing of that email.

The story got even better on Monday. I had the priviledge of meeting James and Sally Redfield who were being interviewed by Therese Inzarillo on James is the author of the Celestine Prophecy and he and his wife are two of the nicest famous peple I've met - down to earth, real, and totally practicing what they preach. At this gathering I ran into Liz Dawn who runs Mishka Productions. Liz asked if she could read the book I'd mentioned and since I had finished the previous day, I gave her the copy I'd brought.

Today I was totally blown away when Liz called to invite me to speak at Mishka's CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE conference which features over 20 of the most popular metaphysical authors including Deepak Chopra, Christiane Northrup, Sonia Choquette, etc. I am beyond amazed at how God works, but the funny part is this is what the book is about! Learn to sense the currents of grace in your life, follow your heart, pray, surrender, let go, trust... trust... trust more. Trust that everything in your life leads to the next step. I am humbled, amazed, and in huge gratitude. These are dreams coming true. The book will hopefully be out within a month or less.

So this week practice letting go and letting God figure out the answers to your prayers. Trust all is well no matter what. Focus on the what gives you joy. And see what happens :) PS - You can order my book by clicking here!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The "Divine Timing" Belt

I am in the middle of a huge lesson on trusting in God's goodness when things seem to "go wrong." My car went into the shop for some significantly expensive repairs this week. I felt ok with that. The angels had told me in February that the car would need this attention in April and God somehow always pays my bills so I don't get uptight about those things.

However when I drove the car off the lot on Wednesday a nasty clunking sound in the back terrified me. I went right back to the shop somewhat irritated because I knew I'd be late for an appointment later that morning. Nonetheless, I soon found out that this was a blessing in disguise. Apparently the mechanic had noticed another problem with my car, and left a message for the service advisor to call me. She (the mechanic) hadn't known that the advisor had called in sick. If I hadn't gone back with my clunking noise, the mechanic wouldn't have been able to tell me that my timing belt was about to break, and suggest that I get it fixed right away.

My irritation turned into gratitude that God had conspired to have my car's troubles fixed in the shop rather than having me break down on a long stretch of road when I was alone. I was late for my appointment but with no ill effects and once again the angels remind me that if I just pray and surrender to life, that God's timing will prove to be better than mine time and again.

I bless my divine timing belt and feel grateful for the "inconvenience" that saved me from much bigger troubles!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Understand your own heart

The energy that came through when I channeled this week's angel message nearly overwhelmed me. It was hard to type. I always have a little fear publishing articles about Christ consciousness because so many of my friends are Jewish and these discussions are not about religion, separation, persecution or even pushing beliefs. I FEEL the love coming through with these messages and LOVE is the only message they send to us all.

I often wonder if a child was born today to a humble contractor, and this child grew up and preached about LOVE being the only way to God, owned the fact that he was a son of God and said we were too - would anyone recognize this as the Christ energy? If we embrace love in stead of the division, judgment, hatred, and separation that the world seems to promote, will the world recognize our goodness? Some will and some won't.

The angels have been working with me diligently to be strong enough to go more public with these messages. I had a huge cry with a good Christian friend of mine a few weeks ago because I discovered I was afraid she wouldn't accept me as part of her life as I went more public with my beliefs that aren't always in synch with hers. I've received more emails as of late from good religious people trying to inform me that I am "deceived by Satan dear lady" and that surely I had never read the Bible. Although my human side felt like responding, "I've read the Bible, Cabbala, Koran, and Book of Bhudda, the Bagavad Vita, and more," I prayed over what to do and refrained from any response as a result. When I chat with Jesus, angels, Bhudda, Archangel Michael and more deceased relatives than I can count, the message is always the same:

- Be loving even when others are not.

- Recognize others' rights to their point of view as well as your right to your own.

- Don't argue. Listen. Understand. Ackowledge.
This does not negate our own point of view.

- Share from your heart. If people accept you, great. If the don't pray for ones who will.

Embracing this - that there is no need to defend, or justify my personal beliefs in religion, life, or simply perspective has freed up tremendous energy in my life. All of the sudden I am feeling bliss again. I've had the energy to start a major website upgrade, finish the first draft of another book, start a different one, clean out my house, make time for dating, friendships, family, tai chi, clients, emails, and energy sessions. When you give up trying to please the world and you give up the need to judge the world, a power within - the power of God's LOVE - is unleashed in your life and freed up to help you create your own dreams.

Free your spirit this week :) Try to give up any need to justify or defend yourself and see how much more energy you have when you simply choose to understand your own heart rather than trying to make everyone else 'get' you.

Lots of love,

Friday, March 24, 2006

Come clean - ask for what you really want!

Hi All,

First of all thank you so much for the outpouring of love on my birthday. Words can't express how beautiful the energy of all your prayers felt. I really understood on Tuesday how our collective prayers DO indeed make a huge difference. I felt the love as a beautiful warmth that permeated me, body & soul.

The email I sent our requesting prayers was actually the result of a botched opportunity for love! Once a month I go up to see a friend of mine channel Dr. Peebles, a wonderful spirit who has been my guide and mentor from the other side for the last six years. Not everyone gets called upon for a question and it has been a long time since my name was chosen. In my mind I telepathically begged him to pick me and just send me some big love for my birthday. I got chosen! Before I could get a word out of my mouth, my dear angel friend said to me, "Now Come CLEAN Ann!" Come Clean? I panic'd! I didn't have a clue what he meant. I thought about what was going on in my life. I searched in my mind for what he wanted me to share with the crowd and chose something that seemed appropriate. I could FEEL the angels sighing on the other side as if to say, "OH ANN, It wasn't that hard." I left feeling frustrated knowing I'd missed a chance for something wonderful.

It wasn't till later that day in meditation that I realized how SIMPLE it was! I was supposed to simply admit in front of 100+ people that I'd been begging the angels for love!! That was it. And knowing the angels, they would have given me the royal treatment had I asked for it! I was SO bummed that I missed that chance.

"Ann," they said in meditation. "Your life begins anew with every breath."
" There are always more opportunities to ask the world for love. Ask your clients to pray for you."

And so out went my letter on Tuesday and in came your dear prayers. I can't thank you enough! It seems it is so easy to give but much harder for so many of us to ask when we want even the smallest favors. And so the angels ask all of us this year (me included!) to "come clean" and share our hearts with one another. Share your fears, your desires, your love, you compliments, your agonies, your frustrations... all in a loving way. Its amazing how much love comes back to you when you "come clean". I'm learning to go deeper and bring more of me to the surface. I hope my journey helps inspire you to do the same :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Let your light shine!

I have an underlying sense of urgency to get on with my work in the world. When I tuned into the energy of the year in January, what I heard in my head was "no nonsense, no excuses, no lies to yourself." It is the year we get real about what we want to create and who we really are. It is the year we come out of hiding, use our gifts and talents and step out with the truth of God's love into the world.

That sounds great, but oh my word, the fears coming up are HUGE. I didn't realize that till Monday. I was all proud of how my website updates were going till the angels spoke to me again. "And where my dear, is the Ann, in Ann's Visions of Heaven?" they asked me. "I put my picture on the first page," I replied, "as uncomfortable as it is." "Put one at the top," they said. "And take a good photo." I had friends who had offered to take photos but we hadn't scheduled it yet. "Today," the angels urged me. "Now." "Uh, now is Monday, my office work day and I haven't even washed my hair!" I complained. The response was a loving version of get out and get over it. Oh boy. Off I go into the yard to lean against my new lilac wall and take pictures of myself. Try holding the camera out in front of you and looking relaxed. "Think of how much you love God and the angels," they told me. Click. I got a good picture.

I went inside and wanted to put a sassier looking photo up. "Well you can keep hiding behind that look," they replied, but we'd rather you show the world, the kinder, truer you. They busted me again. So in spite of serious discomfort with having my face on the web, serious discomfort about looking vulnerable, and serious discomfort with being so exposed emotionally I did it. And the funny thing... I saw a side of myself I hadn't owned before - the softer side.

Angels are amazing. They turn everything to growth. But I know they are right and it applies to many of us. We can't hide our light anymore. As Marianne Williamson quoted, playing small does not serve the greater glory of God. How true.

Let your light shine!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Letting Go. . .

The angels constantly remind me to trust that God hears our prayers. God does. Every one of them. Last weekend I was learning about blogs so I could post these angel messages and my online journal in an area on my website without major hassle. I knew blogs were good. I knew the basics.I didn't have a clue how to make the blog look good on my website. I followed all the instructions until I reached an impasse with the computer and decided to stop struggling and pray. I sat in my meditation chair, prayed, and let it go. I watched a few educational TV shows, worked on some knitting, went to sleep and trusted. Sure enough I woke up the next morning with a clear technical answer to my problem! I just typed in a few things wrong and as soon as I fixed them ... ta da... angel messages were online and looking good.

I use the same approach when I'm stuck with the "big" problems in life - house repairs that cost more than I can "afford" at the time they happen, needing a conference room for my first Celebration of World Angel Day, when to do my car maintenance, asking to stay safe in traffic, resolving issues with people I love... you name it! I pray. I do what I know to do. Then I let it go and let God take over, and wait for further insight or direction (meaning I get an urge to do or say something). Life is so much easier when I release my expectations. I'm by no means perfect at this, but every time I let go, I grow more joyfully.

Monday, February 27, 2006

They'll know we are Chris10s by our love!

I grew up Catholic. When I was younger, I loved going to the "band mass" where a small trio played upbeat music at our services. I had a terrible voice but loved to sing anyway and one of my favorite tunes was, "They'll know we are Christians by our Love." I liked the message!

Fast forward. I'm 40 something, a mystic now, and driving to a lecture/booksigning on "Bridging the Gap Between Christianity & Mysticism." My viewpoint is that the greatest commandment IS love. So when a car driving like the proverbial bat-out-of-you-know-where cut me off at high speeds, I knew I was being challenged to practice what I preach. I figured the driver must be pretty stressed out to be driving in such an unsafe manner, so I said a brief prayer for his or her well-being. I felt the familiar warmth of happy angels around me and heard them giggling in my head.

"Look at the license plate!" my angels giggled. It read "CHRIS10s". "Got it God," I smiled to myself! The Christians in front of me needed a dose of love as I went on my way to lecture about briding the gap. God has a great sense of humor!