Saturday, April 14, 2018

A holiday every day

I usually do the newsletter in my office, but on the day before Easter it was so beautiful, I knew if I didn’t work outside, I wouldn't want to work. I brought the portable computer out to the patio, made coffee with melted dark chocolate and whipped milk, and to the sound of birds chirping, dogs barking, and my neighbors mowing, sat and channeled the newsletters.Sometimes I struggle to write these articles and they take hours. This time they flowed so easily. The day did indeed feel like a celebration.

I challenged myself to do the exercise the angels suggested. I really love all celebrations but my favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter. I love Christmas because it gives me an excuse to spoil the ones I love and they allow me for once! I try to bring that spirit of giving into my life. You can laugh, but I always hate to take down the Christmas tree, so this year I left a little one up in my bedroom as a reminder that the light of the season never goes out!

I had to think about why I love Easter. I adore chocolate, eggs, and bunnies, but more so I love the feeling of new life, new hope, and the celebration of the triumph of of darkness over light. I think I’ll celebrate Easter every time I change my thoughts from negative to positive! That sounds fun. 

Here are a few ideas to bring celebration into every day life…

1. Acknowledge the ones you love

It seems we acknowledge our loved ones easily on holidays and special celebrations. Why not make time to acknowledge them more often. Maybe you already do talk to family and friends. but how about calling or emailing someone you haven’t chatted with in awhile, or sending a card that simply says, “Thinking of you.” Clients do this for me at times and it touches my heart.

Think of the first person that pops into your mind. Email, call or send a “thinking of you and sending love” type of card! You’ll feel like it is a holiday! 

2. Make or enjoy a special meal

Growing up part Polish, food and celebration went hand in hand. I suspect many of you share that tradition too!

For no good reason ,other than to celebrte life's goodness, make yourself or your loved ones a special meal. Alternately, plan a night out with dear ones to celebrate life. Come with gratitude, good thoughts, and share the love. 

3. Decorate or Create a Sacred Space

This might sound a little superficial. However in many temples, churches, and sacred places around the world, the Divine is acknowledged by creating beautiful spaces, filling an altar with flowers, or perfuming the air with incense.

Perhaps you can create a little corner in your home for acknowledging life’s goodness. You can use a plant, flowers, crystals, happy photos, memorabilia, or whatever you like to create a quick, visual reminder of love and celebration.

I love how the angels constantly urge me to enjoy life now, celebrate today, and never ever put off any goodness, for any reason whatsoever.

I love our holidays too, ecause they give us an excuse to celebrate… but then again, why wait for excuses!

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Growing your dreams

My childhood home was on nearly an acre of property and we had a huge garden. For my 4H project one year, I took over a 25 square foot plot and turned it into my own little farm. I planted corn, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, and even peanuts. I shoveled to till and turn the soil, hoed the rows, planted the seeds, and helped water them. I went out every single day and weeded. I was overwhelmed with joy to watch the miracle of life bursting forth!

My silver queen corn grew plump and sweet. My tomatoes were so ripe you could pick them off the plant and eat them like apples. It was a miracle to see potatoes poking up through the straw as deeper rooted ones pushed them to the surface. And OH those crunchy cucumbers, washed and lightly salted! It was heaven. To this day, my dad still gardens that same plot of land. He's good at it and proud of it.

In Arizona I grow rosemary, basil, oregano, and thyme, lemongrass, citrus, lavender, and roses. Perhaps someday I’ll grow vegetables again. For now I keep the memories of sunshine, soil, and fresh produce in my heart. 

Life really is like gardening. The angles once said, “Ann after you plant the seeds of your dreams, don’t choke them off with weeds of fear, or dig them up with doubt! 

When I want to manifest something, I plant the seeds by dreaming about it. I think of it with joy which is the watering with love. I don’t bother to “take the universe’s pulse” and see if my dreams are coming yet. I trust the process. After all, if you dug up a seed to see if it’s growing, you’d kill it’s roots!When the weeds of fear arise – fears that I don’t know how to create what I want, fears that I don’t know if it’s “working,” etc… I weed them out by changing my thoughts and my focus back to love and anticipation. Then I wait and watch with wonder and anticipation as the universe works its magic.

We don't have to know how...

After all, how can we dream that tiny seed become a stalk of corn with such sweet offerings, when we have no clue about the million miracles that make it grow? How can we trust that the tomatoes will ripen, the roses will bloom, the carrots will grow underground? We can’t even fully comprehend the miracles that go into the food on our tables, let alone the miracles that create our dreams. Yet we can do our part – planting the with anticipation, watering them with love, and regularly weeding out the thoughts that would choke them off.

Happy planting. Happy Gardening! May the soil of your soul be tilled with love and bear beautiful, bountiful blessings in your life.

Here are a few ways to tend to the garden of your soul…

1. Plant your seeds

If you an plant a real seed and call it my dream. Tend to it and watch it grow. Thee is such a sense of the miraculous when your watch anything grow! If you can’t do this literally, do the exercise the angels gave us in your imagination. If you can’t make time for that, go on YouTube and watch a time lapse video of the miracles of seeds sprouting.

2. 2. Love your dream, tangibly

Make a vision board, find a photo, or choose something else that represents your dream. I recently heard the angel that comes through my dear friend Summer Bacon recommend to a woman that she get a teddy bear and name it “Down-payment” because she so dearly wanted a down-payment for a house. He told her to love “Down payment” every day and watch what happened. Brilliant!

Choose a photo, a rock, a plant, a vision board, anything that represents your dream. Love it daily! It might sound silly but you are working with energies!

3. Weed your garden…

When you have a thought or feeling that doesn’t feel good, imagine it as a weed. Close your eyes and imagine pulling it up by the roots and tossing it on a compost pile. Again, you are working with energy, giving the energy of negativity a form, and pulling it out!

While you are at it, to the best of your ability, weed your closets, your home, and your life of anything that drags you down.

What fun to turn manifesting into gardening! I love how the angels help us not only pray but play! Have a lovely week tending to the soil of your soul! 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Blessings from Amma

I met Amma Karunamayi fourteen years ago in Sedona. I'd gone for a hike, and turned around when I was suddenly guided to visit a friend. "Why am I here?" I asked the friend. I had planned to hike all day.

She laughed and handed me a skirt with nicer top. "Put these on. You'll see. We're going to see Amma. You can't wear shorts." I didn't know who Amma was. I only knew that I looked like a bag lady in clothes much larger than I was! Strangely, I didn't care. I felt excitement.

As we drove to the venue, my friend told me a little bit more about Amma.In India she is known as a saint – an incarnation of the Divine Mother. Her birth was predicted. She exhibited huge compassion for the poor as a child, and when she was a young adult she left her life and spent ten years in seclusion in the forests in India, praying, fasting, and meditating until she melted into a union with the Divine so profound that it never left her.

She emerged from her decade in silence and began a world mission promoting peace and compassion, blessing people with miraculous love and grace all over the world, and doing innumerable humanitarian works. I was amazed I'd never heard of her.

I sat in the audience with anticipation, not quite knowing what I should do or what to expect. Those who knew Sanskrit mantras (sacred chants) began to sing them. A tiny Indian woman entered the room with a smile as radiant as sunshine – sweet, innocent, and yet so powerful that as she walked by waves of love washed over me. I felt the same as I did when I was in the Presence of Jesus or the angels. 

One by one, we went up to her for her silent blessing. God was in her eyes and in her touch. She was completely surrendered to love. Through her silent presence, she resurrected this love more deeply within each one of us. She burnt off our darkness and pain. Driving home to Phoenix late that night, I smelled of roses and felt as is my soul had been washed clean.I've seen her for blessings every year since. She sees your light, your essence and your soul. 

As with all truly enlightened souls, she never asks anyone to change their spiritual path, but rather to embrace their chosen path more deeply. Years ago, my Catholic mom went to see her, upon my recommendation, and called me in tears. She had never felt the Presence of such love. She received immense help with her health challenges during the following year.

I always get what I need. The second year I went to see her I was working through a lot of anger at an old relationships. As I sat in the crowd waiting for her to enter, I felt her loving Presence in spirit. I started to burn as if on fire. My skin broke out in red hives and I felt as if I was in flames. I went between hot and cold, and shook violently for several minutes. Suddenly the heat subsided. My skin went back to normal. The anger was gone.

She appeared in my car once, in spirit. She chatted, smiled, and told me she was protecting me. A second later, the car next to me lost a hubcap. I was driving next to a cliff side on a downhill slope as the sharp metal came straight towards my tire. I had nowhere to go. Suddenly I felt a wave of love wash over me. The hubcap flattened out, went under my car and went careening over the cliff. I was fine.

This year, in her presence, I felt such an exquisite love and communion with the Divine that new gifts are already starting to emerge. It was like gazing for hours. Her Love and Presence have been both an inspiration in my life and a powerful force to drive away the darknesses of fear and frustration that used to abide within me. I strive, as she does so purely, to witness the light and truth within all. When I do it drives away others' fears and pains.

Love truly is the highest power on this earth. People start corporations, have fund raisers, and do all sorts of good works, and yet this one tiny woman who channels an immense light works miracles, relieves pain, lifts emotional burdens, and catalyzes life changes. She is a humanitarian who has used the donations of her followers, which she never solicits, to build free schools, free hospitals, give free vaccines to the poor, rebuild villages, and feed the poor not only in her native India but in many other countries. She has spoken at the UN and, been a proponent of women's rights, organic food, local farming, and healthy living. One woman filled with the grace and presence of the Divine has achieved so much.

We too, in our own way can experience and contribute love's restorative powers in our lives. We can seek love, share love, and be love in oh so many ways, great and small.

Here are some ideas to resurrect love's healing powers in your life:

1. Seek and Ye shall find...

If you look for love you will see it everywhere. You can find it in all that is beautiful good and true. Hear the love in your favorite music. Witness the love in the beauty of nature, in a breathtaking piece of art, or in your favorite saturated color. Taste love in your food. Look for love in the grocery store, in line, in traffic even – maybe in an inspiring license plate. Love is everywhere if you're willing to look for it.

2. Love without reason... Except that it feels good!

Be kind to a stranger. Pray for someone you don't like. Look in the mirror and tell yourself three wonderful things about you. Don't love for something in return. Love because it feels good.

3. Seek out the Presence of those who embody love...

Sit with your angels. Breathe, believe, receive. Or invite in your favorite spiritual master – Jesus, Buddha, or anyone who has brought love to the earth. John Lennon, Einstein... Just sit quietly for a few minutes, breathe, and ask for their presence to bless you. See what you feel.

Or you can seek out enlightened beings or transmitters of light who are alive and walk the earth. Enjoy their presence if only via YouTube or online. Energy is not confined to the body, space, or time. You need not be in the presence of these beings to feel them. You only need to connect.

This time of year is a great time to resurrect love. May each and every day be an opportunity to do the same!

Love you all! Happy Everything you Celebrate!

ps - If you want to see if Amma is coming to your town, you can check out her website here.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Healing hugs

I’ve seen a lot of people purging the past lately. It comes in waves of emails, and streams of people in my office who struggle to resolve their desire to be loving while not feeling so loving at times. I understand! I've been there so many times. 

I should have known something was bubbling
 up in my own soul when, two weeks ago, I came unglued over a quote in an article. in which the author bashed one of my favorite Disney movie! The reaction was completely disproportionate.

I hugged myself, told my inner child 
that some people were mean because they didn't have the confidence to own their own opinions without belittling others, and immediately calmed down. I thought I was done. It ends up I was only skimming the surface of something much deeper.

I was in bliss last weekend as I drove up to Sedona to see my friend Summer Bacon channel. The sunrise was glorious. The drive was beautiful. My favorite songs were on the radio. I felt in love with everyone on the road. I arrived early, hugged all my friends, and sat down feeling heaven all around me. I didn't even have a question. I simply intended that if there was any pain or trauma stuck in my body from the past, that it be healed. As the saying goes... Be careful of what you ask for!

About halfway through the session, as one women went to the front to heal a relationship with her friend, tears started to emerge from my depths. I noticed a man I had dated nearly two decades ago in the audience with his wife. My body froze. Something in me cried in fear.

I was surprised by my own reaction. The relationship had been extremely painful, but we've long since grown. We've talked, forgiven, and acknowledged the love we felt for each other's souls. As I contemplated the emerging pain and fear, I knew it was time to release the remaining energy of this relationship from my body. Before I dated him, I had been an extremely physically healthy. After the relationship, I spent nearly two decades in and out of pain, triggered very easily by unkindness and fear. I wasn't blaming him. I just knew it was time to heal at the roots.

As I sat there debating about whether or not this was necessary in public, I telepathically told the angels, "If this will help free me, him, and everyone else in the room, pick my name." Of course, my name was the next one drawn out of the basket!

I didn't care how many eyes were upon me. I went to the front of the room, still quivering and crying. "How are you," the angel that comes through my friend asked. "I was feeling fantastic and happy, but a previous discussion really touched me and it brought up something I would like to heal." I invited the former boyfriend to the front too. He stood there. I was shaking inside. "We were in relationship together. We've worked a lot. We grew... I am still harboring some pain in my soul over this and I would like to release it. Would you help? I've totally forgiven. He has too. Anything else that needs to be done, because my body still hurts." I had no idea why I was crying.

The angels answered, " Well my dear.. Can you... Will you... How about that final hug?" My soul screamed yes! Some hurting part of me wanted to bolt for the door!! It never wanted that man to touch me again. I knew better. I surrendered to love. I let him hug me.

I burst into tears. His wife hugged me too, knowing how this would help him as well. The child within me had needed to feel that he would never hurt me again. The child within him needed me to acknowledge the innocence deep within. People in the audience were in tears. The whole room was moved.

I sobbed and shook for a few more days, hugging the child within me that finally felt safe enough to spew outrage at how I had allowed myself to be treated in the past. I apologized to that part of my soul. I zipped through past lifetimes, digging to the very core of this relationship – forgiving him, forgiving myself – until it was truly, deeply healed.

We all have those parts of us that live within the “shell” of our rational self. They are the parts that didn’t get heard, weren’t allowed to feel, felt unloved, or disconnected in some way. They occasionally erupt, seemingly unbidden when something pushes a “hot button.”  They need love to heal.

Here are a few pointers this week to help you soothe yourself when you fall into a negative emotion that you just can’t shakeThe funny part is that I wrote this section two weeks ago before the entire story above unfolded...

1. Give Yourself a Loving Hug
If you’ve tried to switch to a more positive feeling and you authentically cannot do so, then just accept yourself. I’m mad. I’m sad. I’m scared… whatever it is. “Then,” the angels say, “wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug.” 

That sounded silly… until I read the research on the healing powers of touch. According to studies conducted by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami/Miller School of Medicine, touch can reduce aggression and lower pain. According to research from the University of Vienna a hug from someone you like, helps us release oxytocin which is known to reduce blood pressure and lower stress. 

Sadly we live in a society that is largely touch deprived. The good news is that hugging yourself counts! An article in Psychology today in May, 2011 talked about a study that showed that hugging oneself reduced pain. 

So when you aren’t feeling wonderful, wrap those arms around yourself, and sit there in a loving embrace. 

Alternately, get a stuffed animal and hug it, pretending it is the upset part of you. 

2. Talk to the upset part of yourself as if it is a separate, innocent child

You would speak kindly and compassionately to a sad or upset child. Grant yourself this same courtesy. 

"It’s OK honey. You have a right to be angry. I’ll hold you when you’re sad. That person wasn’t very nice, but they don’t know better. We’ll figure out how to change this… "

Ask yourself, "If a sweet, innocent, little child felt this way, what would I say?"

3. After you take yourself seriously, don’t take yourself seriously…

That sounded odd when the angels said it! What they mean, is treat yourself as you would a little sweet child, and then have a good laugh. 

If you’ve ever seen, or been, one of those parents that knows how to calm and soothe an upset little child, you know that after the upset passes, parent and child usually share a little laugh, an ice cream cone, or some little special joy to make the upset fade quickly into the past. 

Treat yourself to some kindness after the upset passes, to remind yourself that life has many joys

Once again, as the angels said a few weeks ago, you’ll be able to “grab the remote” and switch your thoughts to joy. 

We’re all human. We all have our less than proud moments. We all feel negativity at times. Sometimes we can easily and authentically switch our focus. Other times we can’t. I hope this week’s message helps you out when you feel a little stuck. We’ve all been there!